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A weekend in Stockholm

On my way to Stockholm for the weekend. To capture a few frames of the capital’s gorgeous architecture and textures. And to see a few old friends. Taking the train. Nothing beats a train ride through Sweden’s lush summer landscape.

Running on Jet Fuel

Contrasts. I live for them. Thought about contrasts during this morning’s super-early, jet lag induced jog around Malmö, Just a few days ago, I was running between the piers. The morning’s weather was spectacular with a temperature not too different from what I had been getting used to in Venice Beach. I didn’t see a […]

Topsy Turvy

Ten days in Los Angeles – primarily Venice Beach – is food for the soul. For mine, anyway. I’ve met family, spent time with a few old friends and made some new, interesting acquaintances. Most importantly, there’s  been adequate time for well-needed introspection. On life in general and more specifically on what I should focus on creatively henceforth. What will propel and satisfy me into […]

Tiffany Ballerina

From this morning’s ballerina themed shoot in Venice Canals and Venice Beach. Great working with a professional model like Tiffany Crystal. So little direction needed. And she was extremely confident and agile in her poses – in no small way thanks to 13 years of ballet experience.

Cow’s End

Like every morning these last three visits to Venice, I take in my morning coffee (two shots of Guatemalan espresso topped off with a few drops of organic coconut milk) at Cow’s End together with a group of locals – most of which have worked or still work in the film and/or entertainment industry. I […]

Surf Tacos

Almost a week of my visit has passed and I’m still a little jet-lagged. Wake up at 04:30 a.m. and work a little before stretching and pulling my body into the wet suit, quietly taking my board down the apartment building’s stairs, onto the beach and into the waves. This morning was spectacular and the […]

Pacific Noodle Soup

There something special about the Pacific Ocean here in Southern California. I hadn’t thought of it before this morning’s surf. But the cool temperature and mild but pronounced salinity makes it somehow comfortable and easy to spend a long time in the waves. Which is good when sets are far few between. Not like this […]

Pier to Pier

This morning, I ran one of my all-time favorite 10k distances: along the coast between Santa Monica and Venice piers. The weather couldn’t of been better with about 20 degrees C and cloudy. It’s “June Gloom” right now which means misty/foggy mornings that burns off towards the early afternoon and then sunny until the sun […]

My New Book

After an unusually long gestation period, I can finally unveil what is arguably the most inspiring project I have ever worked on thus far: a new, 240 page coffee table book called, We are Malmö Opera. I’ve designed a site for the book as well with a slew of additional images (outtakes) and a condensed […]

Time to Fly

Time to fly. Southern California is calling. Loudly. It’s been close to a year since I last stood on a board or went for a run between the piers. An excursion to the Mojave desert could happen sometime during this visit. But I am primarily going to work on adding new visuals to www.santamonicaimages.com What […]

Up, up and away!

Shot this a few years ago somewhere over the Öresund strait – a part of southern Scandinavia where the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea converge between Denmark and Sweden. It’s one those images I can’t honestly remember taking. Which isn’t that surprising, really, But I’m still going to keep it. It represents one of […]

Getting rid of stuff

So much going on behind the scenes these days. Stuff I can’t share here or elsewhere right now. Soon, though. Very soon. A new book is about to be unveiled… In the meantime, I’m spending a considerable amount of unbillable hours (days, really) figuratively wading through tens of thousands of images and video clips from […]

Early Bird Run in Malmö

For whatever reason, I keep waking up ridiculously early. I don’t have an abundance of things going on, so it isn’t stress or anything negative. It’s probably a combo of age and season. This morning I opened my eyes at 4 a.m. and about a half an hour later, I headed out for a long […]

Skånes Magiska Rapsfält

Här kommer den. Rapsfilmen. Filmat både från under ett sportflygplan och utmed grusvägarna mellan jordbruken längs sydkusten. Har använt Canon-prylar och en Gopro till filmsekvenserna och förträffliga Zoom H6 till ljudet som jag spelade inte i källaren tidigare idag. Allt är klippt i Final Cut Pro X.

Rapsfält i Skåne

Skånes rapsfält. Hur vackra är dom inte så här års? Och doften, sen då? Ljuvlig. Jag har verkligen tagit fasta på det där man säger lite flyhänt att man skall stanna upp lite och lukta på blommorna. Känns sunt och livsbejakande. Är verkligen less på inomhustillvaron och all evinnerlig, oåterkallelig tid jag lägger framför skärmen. […]

Arrival of Summer

As per usual, spring gave way to summer in the blink of an eye. So, while the tuna was being marinated for the evening’s Sriracha Fish Tacos, I headed out to capture a few moments. The social metamorphosis this country goes through once the heat is turned on is truly remarkable. All is forgotten over […]

Poke Bowl

Tonight Charlotte and I enjoyed something new at Hai – one Malmö’s two good Japanese restaurants. We ate a tasty Hawaiian dish called “Poke” /poʊˈkeɪ/ which according to Wikipedia is Hawaiian for “to section” or “to slice or cut”. Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as […]


Tillbaka i Lettland igen och ett nytt besök hos Livonia Print som även trycker nya boken. Landade sent i går eftermiddag och hann precis ut och hitta en schysst sylta innan jag däckade på jättelika konferenshotellet, Radisson Blu Latvia. Kallt som fan här. Snöade till och med tidigt i morse. Stort gym med hyfsat modern […]

En epok tar slut

Snart är galleriet tömd. Bara några få möbler och min arbetsstation är kvar. I studion är i stort sett allt sålt. Känns oerhört befriande. “Sista svepningen har inga fickor” som gamla grannen i Göteborg, Siw Swahnberg, brukade påminna mig om gång efter annan med tillägget, “Samla på minnen, inte prylar, Joakim”. Gear Acquisition Syndrome eller, […]

Sthlm t/r

Tillbaka i soliga med fortfarande småkalla Skåne efter dygnslånga besöket i ett rejält kylslaget och småblåsigt Stockholm. Where is the spring? Bodde på relativt nya koncepthotellet  Generator (Torsgatan) där jag åt gott på Hilma tillsammans med redaktören/skribenten Christian von Essen. Hann med ytterligare ett kärt återseende när jag fikade på Clarion Sign med stjärnmäklaren och […]

Fashion Shoot Shots

Not too long ago, I shot over to Lithuania for a short shoot. As during last year’s fashion assignment in Vilnius, I once again opted to work with the always easy-going model Karolina Janickaite. And despite the extremely unsupportive weather conditions (rain, snow and then more rain followed by snow), within an hour’s time, we […]