• Artist’s Statement

Visual art stands as a timeless and age-old, fundamental form of communication, transcending language barriers and connecting humanity across cultures and generations. As an artist proficient in both visual and written mediums, I revel in the boundless possibilities offered by my toolset for artistic creation.

I use paint, photography, film, and written words to express thoughts and ideas. Quite often I’ll use a combination of mediums. Most important to me is that each project has a vision and some kind of goal, whether that be a book, an exhibit, or a short documentary film.

For several years, I’ve focused on three specific photographic projects, The Resurfaced ProjectThe Silhouette Surfers Project, and The Sieng Gong Project.

While the three themes are distinctly different, they have nonetheless received roughly the same amount of allocated time and passion.

The Sieng Gong Project is fixated on portraying the Bangkok neighborhood’s unique aura, an idiosyncratic coalescence of industrial craftsmanship, and a working-class, residential vibe.

The Resurfaced Project consists of compositions from urban surfaces in cities worldwide where layered public postings have deteriorated beyond legibility and gradually morphed into artifacts with a social-anthropological dimension.

The Silhouette Surfers Project is focused on the beauty created by everyday surfers in Southern California when their bodies and boards are fused into a silhouetted, graphic form while wave riding.

May 2023


Joakim Lloyd Raboff