• Artist’s Statements

Visual art stands as a timeless, fundamental form of communication. Here are a few thoughts on my process and relationship to the art I create.

– The creative process can be both physically and emotionally tiring. That said, it has always had a remarkably calming effect on me. On my soul.

– Painting is one of several ways for me to express myself creatively. I feel lucky to be able to change mediums and to know how to bridge them.

– When the creative journey is interesting and the results are engaging, I’m happy. If someone then buys what I’ve made, that’s frosting on the cake.

– Every medium has its virtues and limitations. Painting was the very first way I expressed my creativity. It’s been a trusty fallback ever since.

– When I’m able to express ideas or unfiltered emotions, regardless of creative tool, I often feel euphoric and shed tears of joy.

– Averting artistic complacency is hard. I try to integrate honesty, invite serendipity and embrace the inherent chaos in my creative process.

– Creativity is both a blessing and a curse. I love the drama, the tumult, the sense of achievement. I just don’t always know when to quit or give up.

– Making art that exists in the physical world, like a painting, adds a sense of purposefulness that I rarely experience in front of a computer screen.

– Since online recognition defines so much of artistic success today, being hostage to chronic creativity can be both impeding and daunting.

– Visual art is arguably the most important of all languages. It transcends linguistic barriers and connects people across oceans and eons.

August 2023


Joakim Lloyd Raboff