I was born in Santa Monica, California 1963 to a Swedish mother (Ina Anders) and an American father, (Ernest Raboff). In 1978 I relocated to Göteborg, Sweden where I lived off and on until 1990. During this somewhat geographically chaotic period of my life, when I wasn’t living in Göteborg, I was either painting at Hotel Riksgränsen in Lapland, traveling in the US, or painting murals for hotels and guest houses while on extended visits to Southeast Asia.

Between 1990-1992, I attended Gotland Art College, located on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Among the active artists teaching there, I was mentored by Helena Andreeff and Staffan Laurin, both inspiring me to pursue a career as a visual artist.

After a year in Los Angeles in 1995, I returned to Gothenburg where I continued painting and had solo shows at among other venues, Galleri Gibraltar and Galleri Viking. During this period, I was also working as a lecturer for Gothenburg International Hospitality College and substitute teaching philosophy at a municipal adult education school.

In 1997, together with Charlotte whom I married in 1998, I moved to Malmö in the far south of the country which, except for a few year-long stays in the US, Asia, and Spain, I’ve called home ever since. Our adult daughter Elle Agnes also lives in Malmö.

Travel has always played an important role in my life and my art is certainly a reflection of the visual and social impressions I’ve absorbed from travels around the world.

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