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Resurfaced Number 00

Some of the “Resurfaced” artifacts. are more or less colorless when I discover them. Not that there isn’t a hint or any clues of color when I look closely. Augmenting these minuscule telltale signs is part of a delicate process that aims to reintroduce some the colors which have faded through years of exposure to […]

Ressurfaced Number 25

Captured this from a wall in Costa da Caparica, a sleepy, soulful suburb of Lisbon, Portugal. Like many of the places in other southern and eastern European cities that I’ve visited over the last couple of years, just as soon as I leave a big city’s ginormous urban footprint, small-town village life reappears without hesitation […]

Resurfaced Nr 300(xc)

One of the great beauties of creativity is its unlimitedness. Most of the projects I work on do have a clear scope, a goal in somewhere insight, and often a set deadline which in itself automatically adds to the creative challenge. But not so for my Resurfaced series which is endless insofar that I keep […]

We Are Malmö Opera

After listening to Alec Baldwin’s interesting recent interview with Estonian conductor, Paavo Järvi, I was reminded of a tangential subject. Five years ago, I started working on a 240-page coffee table book with 54 interviews and portraits of the folk working behind the scenes at Malmö’s premier cultural institution, Malmö Opera. The book was aptly […]

The One That Got Away

Every summer, one of the village’s many wild meadows gets populated with a dozen or so cows and bulls. During our daily walks to and from the harbor, we pass these gentle summer guests. Seeing them graze so peacefully with the sea as a beautiful backdrop, always gives me a sense of privilege. To experience […]

Get Back: The Beatles

Like most reasonable people my age, The Beatles played an immeasurable part in my musical upbringing. The band’s entire catalog of tunes literally defined pop music as a genre and they set the gold standard for how harmonies, catchy lyrics, and a chorus with a hook should be crafted, sung, and played. I have never […]

Abandoned Studio

Since I began painting in 1986, I’ve had at least a half dozen dedicated studios and combinations of gallery and studio. It’s been a couple of years since I last had a proper space to paint at and I can feel the urge growing. Whenever I see an abandoned interior like the one above from […]

Cabin Life in Zadar

A wonderful shot of us in front of our rented cabin at the Falkensteiner Premium Campsite by friend and Community Manager Forrest Stilin. Just back in Sweden after a few weeks of remote working via Grab a Home in Zadar, a scenic seaside city in western Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. Crossed paths with several […]

Hysteria Free Zone, Anybody?

A friend recently wrote an interesting piece, the first in a multipart series, about the state of America today. The gist of his very first installment is that we are currently living in an era of hysteria. I couldn’t agree more. Hysteria has become a norm, a default state of mind for so many, many […]

Within My Wheelhouse

Today I put together a short film from this morning’s Qigong by the Sea, worked on an illustration with a few cows from Vejbystrand,  worked on a short fiction story about when a lawnmower exploded a while ago. Oh, and I almost forgot that I also published this blog post with yet another artifact for […]

A Return to Painting

I painted this canvas a couple of years ago in my studio in Malmö. It’s called “Shadowbanning the Koj” and was bought by friends Alexandra and Per in Göteborg, where it’s now hanging in their apartment. In a recent post, I wrote about how liberating it is to feel fluidity between various creative mediums. And […]

Resurfaced: Off the Wall

Here’s another discovery from a visit to Croatia – a country I’ve been to a few times and find increasingly agreeable for each visit. Especially Dubrovnic and Zadar, two totally different cities but where both offer visitors an astounding amount of architectural heritage. I found this piece off a wall somewhere in the old town […]

COP26: A Most Complicated Conundrum

COP26 is over. In all honesty, I’ve been mildly interested in the conference. These climate conferences have mostly been PR events ending with agreements that have clearly done way too little to cool the planet. Nothing more. That’s not to say that I haven’t (naively) hoped for a solid plan from the politicians and corporate […]


I totally believe in sharing good ideas and useful tips. I realize that most of us have either Spotify or Apple Music and are totally content with the wealth of music both platforms provide. Personally, I get easily tired of these algorithmically generated mainstream playlists. I mean, I do subscribe to and frequently use Apple […]

Resurfaced: Hyderabad India

This Resurfaced piece is from Hyderabad, India where almost every wall I came across spoke to me and had something intriguing to look at. Not just because of the language barrier or the natural beauty of Hindi script. It was also the layers upon layers of age along with a plethora of partial messages, torn […]

Elle Twenty-One

Our daughter Elle turns 21 today. That’s hard to grasp. Time surely flies when you’re a parent. Twenty years ago today, Charlotte, Elle, and I were living on Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand where we stayed for almost 10 months. Elle had already been walking for a while and so the three of us strolled […]

Immersed & Resurfaced

Here’s an experiment with a Resurfaced artifact composed from a wall in Malmö, Sweden and a full-body selfie shot a few days ago in Vejbystrand, Sweden.

Resurfaced Number 44(x)

From my vantage point right now, the sun is shining. Figuratively and literally. The recent days have brought forth a steady flow of recognition for the resurfaced project is comforting and strengthening. It’s not for everyone, I realized that at the onset. Art isn’t for everyone. Most folks want what the world’s largest furniture company […]

Artist of the Month

I’m humbled by today’s official announcement by the Swedish Artists’ Association that I am Artist of the Month for November. I interpret this as an acknowledgment that my series “Resurfaced” is worthy of recognition by my peers.

Halloween at COP26

Halloween. As a kid, celebrating Halloween in West Hollywood was usually a blast. By the late 1960s, when I was just about old enough to join a bunch of friends for a few hours of parent-free “Trick or Treating”, which quintessentially meant knocking on our neighbors’ front doors begging for candy, Rexall Drugstore, across the […]

Resurfaced Nr 23 (x)

Here’s a Rersufaced artifact with very few clues to the individual postings. Instead, together they create what I think is an awesome whole. Fear is temporary. Regrets last forever. Breaking from once’s past in order to fully embrace a new era needn’t mean neither dismissing nor glamorizing what was. Change is generally good. I feel […]

Ukraine Resurfaced on Hold

I’ve set aside going through my many wonderful Resurfaced discoveries from Kyiv/Kiev in order to revamp my film and photography portfolio. The initial idea was to hire a web developer via Fiverr, which I did…but that idea not only backfired, it was such a disaster,  that the fallout pushed back the project for almost two weeks. But […]

Chernobyl Tour

This was my partial view of the sarcophagus over Reactor 4 at the Vladimir Lenin Nuclear Power Plant (aka Chernobyl) the other day. The Exclusion Zone, about two hours outside of Kyiv (Kiev), was fascinating and the tour has been on my bucket list for a long time. Highly recommend a visit to the abandoned […]

From IEV to RIX

Shot this yesterday evening with my four year old iPhone at the airport in Riga (RIX) just after arriving from Boryspil International in Kyiv (IEV). Once we landed, a rep from Air Baltic firmly but politely instructed me to board the same plane again (above) as soon as I had passed through the rigorous passport, […]

Resurfaced: Podil in Kyiv

From a wall somewhere in the central district of Podil in Kyiv. As the Ukrainian capital is 3 or 4 times larger, there are significantly more walls and bulletin boards with public postings than in Tbilisi. That said, I had the feeling that the ones I captured in Georgia were older, more dated and often had […]

Powerful Communist Propaganda

For all the shitty stuff the various flavors of Communism have represented thus far, the commie’s propaganda machine has always been much better at crafting powerful symbolism and manifesting it publicly, than any other political system I can think of besides the Nazis and, possibly the Roman Empire. The US was absolutely fabulous at crafting […]

It’s the fragmented clues, strewn all over and layered on a surface that gets me excited about a wall like this. The curled snippets, faded, barely legible, just pieces. That’s what intrigues me. The unknown. The unsolvable. A series of mysteries. There’s so much soulfulness in our desperate need to communicate, anywhere, anyplace. That’s Resurfaced.

Its hard not to fly

I am out and about again. It’s hard not to fly, even if I know that I shouldn’t contribute to the lifestyle that is fucking up the planet. But it’s hard as hell not to travel again. One livable planet, one livable life (as far as we know, anyway). I captured the above image at […]

Art: Resurfaced: Tbilisi

This composition is an excellent example of what my project is all about. It’s from a wall in the Mtatsminda neighborhood of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, where the profusion of layered public postings made each day’s urban trek an exhilarating experience. Only when daylight faded did I quit my exploration of the city and […]

Function vs Form

In most cases, function has higher priority than form. But form can also be an incredibly important part of function. Something that’s easy to hold and use has a thought-through form/function ratio. Consumer companies, at least their industrial design teams, have to keep this in mind to be competitive. We’ve all become so aware cognizant […]

Beauty in the Details

This composition enthralled me. There is something biblical about it. Not in a religious sense, though. More so in the story, it was intended to narrate but is no longer able to communicate. At least in a meaningful way. As is the case quite often,  beauty is in the details. Together they create an enigmatic […]

Meet the Anderssons

A couple of years ago, a friend brought me a small cardboard box. It was roughly the size of an A4 paper and had belonged to my aunt Lillemor Andersson before she died in 2014. It contained a wide range of letters, photographs, postcards, and other more or less significant documents pertaining to my mother’s […]

Keepin’ The Creative Juices Flowin’

Meanwhile here in Vejbystrand…the rain is falling, the wind is blowing and the temperature is steadily dropping. After a reasonably creative year, despite all kinds of stuff going in and around my life, I’m trying to stay afloat and keep the creative juices flowing. I still live by my old, handcrafted motto, “Never do Nothing”but […]

Resurfaced Curly Scripts

From a wall somewhere during my visit to the incredibly interesting city of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Despite looking somewhat similar to my eyes, it turns out that Georgia’s beautiful script with its curly curves is not in any way related to the Burmese script’s many circular characters. It’s purely coincidental. A friend told me […]