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Lennart visits Bohuslän

Another ad starring Lennart went live the other day. This time, Lennart visits beautiful Grebbestad in Bohuslän along Sweden’s southwest coastline. Produced for the Tourism Board of Western Sweden.

Random Sushi

I don’t remember where or when I shot this. Could have been in Malmö a few weeks ago. I pretty much always take a photo of my sushi meals, regardless really of whether or not they were tasty or nicely presented. It’s maniacal, I know. Have been putting off watching the documentary Seaspiracy for a […]

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

A teaser ad for a new rooftop bar opening in August 2021. Shot in less than an hour last week for friends/clients at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live in Malmö. A huge thanks for helping out goes to my buddies and Extras Michael Poe and Giedre Gaizauskaite Poe.

The Wall

Love this wall. Shot somewhere in Malmö. The hues, patina, and texture give me goosebumps. Creatively speaking.

New Book Project

Don’t want to disclose much at this time, but I was just recently commissioned to produce a new book about a most interesting artists’ colony here in southern Sweden. This is one of the first images captured for this project, shot earlier today.

Timelapse Göteborg

This is timelapse from Göteborg shows the view our hotel room in Göteborg provided during our 22-hour visit from Thursday the 3rd of June to Friday the 4th. We were in our old hometown to celebrate the graduation of our friend’s daughter, but also to spend some time with Elle. I even got a chance […]

Illustrating Poems: Return to Normalcy II

For a while now, I’ve been illustrating poems. Not my own poems, though. I haven’t written one since my English teacher, Mr. Greenspan, gave me and my fellow seventh grade classmates an assignment to create a collection of sonnets, haikus, and limericks during the spring semester of 1977. Several family members on my father’s side […]

Watering in SloMo

While watering the garden last night, I asked Charlotte to capture a few seconds of me in slow motion. I’ve been planning a longer watering video for about a year, but just haven’t gotten around to it. So, see this as a teaser.

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day here in Sweden, so this is my mother four years before I was born on a game show hosted by none other than comedian Groucho Marx. I can’t remember any part of my childhood or have any recollection of my mother that would make her worthy of celebrating today. Which is […]

Visit to Bohuslän – Grebbestad

Shot this last weekend during an evening walk around the harbor of the coastal town of Grebbestad in southwestern Sweden. I was intrigued by the half dozen or so trawlers and commercial fishing vessels across the bay from where the leisure boats were anchored. I don’t know why, but there’s something inspiring about fishing boats […]

mRNA by Pfizer

Last night, ahead of our allocated time slots, Charlotte and I got our Pfizer/Biontechs mRNA-vaccine shots. The process was as smooth as the jabs were painless. Incidentally, the vaccine location was at an old military (Swedish airforce) base. I don’t see how this vaccination should be treated any differently than other viral diseases I’ve been inoculated […]

Family Activities in Ängelholm

Here’s a short film produced for Ängelholm Näringsliv AB to showcase just a few of all the activities available for families visiting the city and its beautiful surroundings. Produced last fall but published now as part of the company’s spring marketing mix. Of the five films I was commissioned to create, this is my favorite.

Meanwhile in Vejbystrand

Well, dear reader, it’s been about a week since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been busy. Busy with a bunch of stuff, like editing this short film about life here in beautiful Vejbystrand. I shot most of the footage during the pandemic, but some scenes are from a while before this mess […]

Filling Station

Another installment in my Resurfaced series. This “readymade” was shot at a gas station somewhere. Speaking of which, here’s a collection of what was called a “filling station” when I was a kid.

Jaco and Weather Report

Remember Jaco Pastorius? I’ve been a fan of the band Weather Report for decades. So, when an old buddy sent a link to this live concert earlier today, I was once again reminded of how awesome their live gigs were. The venue is the Montreux Jazz Festival 1976, where I, incidentally, seven years later in […]

Birds at Sjömantorp

Earlier this year, we bought a bird feeder and a big batch of sunflower seeds to fill it with. Before it arrived and during much of the cold winter, I hand-fed our two most persistent blackbirds, BBOne and BBTwo every day. It got to the point that BBOne got so comfortable with my company, that […]

To Mask or Unmask

I found this mask lying on the ground during one of last week’s walks. I wondered if it had been dropped by mistake or discarded purposely. Some people seem to be so fed up with the pandemic that they embrace all kinds of conspiracy theories. Whether or not they believe in the science, those folks […]

Made For Walking

As can clearly be seen, these shoes are made for walking. I found the above old scuffed Clark’s a few weeks ago and remembered how wonderful it was to walk in them. I don’t have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. My feet are still relatively easy to please, despite recent bouts with arthritic pain. […]

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is both fascinating and frightening. From what I understand, it’s quintessentially a subset of artificial intelligence and a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building via dynamic algorithms. According to Wikipedia, Machine Learning (ML) can be used for a bunch of stuff, including software design, medical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, and streaming […]

Pink Super Moon

Shot this pink super moon yesterday morning just before 5:00 a.m. Charlotte was standing in front of the bedroom window to take a photo. I got up too and instantly knew that I’d have to capture the pink super moon with a much bigger lens than what my three-year-old phone provides. I took about a […]

Contextualized Chat

A lifesaver. A wall. A ladder. Behind me water and above me, the sky. Something about this composition intrigued me when I walked by it the other day during a morning stroll around Malmö’s northern harbor area, near Saltimporten. I don’t usually remember how I was feeling on an emotional level when I photograph a […]

Cultural Appropriation

Is using elements or symbols like in the above collage really cultural appropriation? Wikipedia’s definition of cultural appropriation is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures. The collage […]

Wanderlust & Diving

I miss diving. The weightlessness, The sound of bubbles. The sight of colorful, curious fish and sea mammals. The camaraderie when you dive in a group. I miss traveling to places where scuba diving is readily available, the sea is warm and welcoming. I long to revisit the Red Sea, the Andaman, and the Pacific […]


Learning and subsequently teaching Qigong has been a game-changer for me. My approach is disruptive. Heck, my entire life has been disruptive. I know no other way of being or living. To me, Qigong isn’t mysterious. It isn’t an over-reaching religion or even a lifestyle. It’s a low-impact way of getting exercise that positively impacts […]


Apparently, right now many are suffering from languishing. Which I don’t find all that strange, considering how molasses-slow things have been for over a year and the financial, emotional, and spiritual predicament so many billions of people find themselves in. I don’t feel like I am languishing. I am suffering from some level of chronic […]


From yesterday evening where calm and tranquility prevailed against crisis and calamity. There was only me, the sea, and another beautiful sunset. Shot with my nearly 2-year-old phone in 4k at 60fps while I was lying on an old yoga mat.

Finding Zen in Ven

Here’s a scene from yesterday’s excursion to Ven. Surprisingly, of all the islands I’ve visited and lived on over the years, the picturesque Ven never came up on our radar screen. I mean, we knew of it and at some point realized a visit was going to happen. Ven is perhaps too close to home. […]

Blue Door from Old Town Haifa

Here’s an old door that caught my attention in Haifa during a press trip there a few years ago. I felt prompted to document it while the rest of the group moved on – so I was lost for a few minutes afterwards. The turquoise color, its shape and symbolism was just too hard to […]

Designer Johan Lindeberg and Torekov Pizzeria

Late afternoon a few days ago, Charlotte and I enjoyed what could possibly have been the best pizza in all of southern Sweden. We were curious to see how designer and photographer Johan Lindeberg’s cooperation with the owners of Torekov Pizzeria had played out. I don’t know if I’ve ordered a pizza straight off the […]

Pandemic vs Climate Change

Here’s a new piece for the Resurfaced series. I don’t do much political art, but this project felt important somehow. If not to you, at least to me right now. Sometimes I feel like a hostage. A victim of hijackers or kidnappers where the culprits are the established media. I don’t think I have an […]


This piece stems from a visit to an abandoned workshop or factory somewhere. The photo doesn’t have a GPS tag…and neither does my memory. It’s another installment in my Resurfaced series. I am continuously fascinated by these rough, unfiltered industrial environs and how often I discover mesmerizing readymade shapes there. I’m increasingly cognizant of how […]

Thoughts and Views From Vejbystrand

Here’s a bold statement coming from 57-year-old likely suffering from delusions of grandeur: I believe my most significant artistic contribution has yet to be created. Brash as it may be, it is nonetheless a mantra that keeps my creative fire burning. The great mystery is in what shape this artistic contribution will take and if […]

The Serpent

Once in a blue moon, something other than an old movie catches my attention while randomly scrolling on Netflix’s site. A few days ago, I came across a miniseries called The Serpent. The series has an intriguing plot, it’s beautifully shot, has good acting, and really groovy music from the 1970s. Best of all, it […]

Hong Kong

Shot the Hong Kong night skyline for a travel magazine a while back. It was my second visit to the former British colony yet I was still taken aback by the city’s intensity and variety. I think I shot this with a Canon 1D Mk III or a 5D Mk II mounted on a Gitzo […]

Herman’s Pseudonym (Mark I )

Another Easter begins. The above piece, “Herman’s Pseudonym (Mark I)”, refers to a Qigong instructor I was taught by a few years ago named Herman. He was good, but I found it peculiar that he demanded to be called “teacher”, like a pseudonym. I haven’t called anyone teacher since middle school and don’t understand why […]