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From one very early morning as I dove into the unusually calm Öresund Strait with my drone hovering a few meters above me in order to capture the moment.

24th Anniversay

oday, Charlotte Raboff and I celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary (velvet) in a cozy village on the island of Bornholm. We got engaged in 1997 in Arild, an ancient fishing village in southern Sweden – on the very day before our wedding in a nearby church. That two “soloists” would meet by pure chance at […]


From yesterday’s live concert with Toto at Sofiero, the gorgeous park in Helsingborg where the band 10cc warmed up and Steve Lukather – with a mostly new set of memebers – took us on a sweet musical nostalgia trip that lasted well into the beautiful, late summer evening (about 11:00 p.m.). I noticed that the […]

George D Greene & Resurfaced: LV-426

When I was a very young artist, sometime in the mid-1980s, I came across the extraordinarily inspiring master artist George D Green. He had an exhibit at a gallery in Göteborg, not more than 20 feet from where I was living at the time. I was definitely not artistically talented enough to copy his style. […]

Drone Photography: Malmö

Shot this night photograph above Västra Hamnen in Malmö last night. I still find it amazing how enabling technology can be for visual artists. The drone’s ridiculously tiny sensor, let alone its ability to fly stable enough to capture an image at 1/8th of a second at f1.7 and ISO 1260. Mindboggling. #dronephotography #malmö #turningtorso […]

Resurfaced in Costa da Caparica

With some hindsight, our winter months in Costa da Caparica, the sleepy coastal town just south of Lisbon, were so peaceful. We were there from December to March and the pandemic was still at large. I can’t even imagine what it must be like there now. Packed with locals and tourists, for sure. I vividly […]

Swedish Crayfish Festivities

Our pal Kerstin, a full-time prosecutor, and part-time farmer, hosted our annual crayfish fest last night here in Vejbystrand. Pleasant as it was, this year’s party will fortunately not be recorded as an evening overflowing with excessiveness in the annals of history. A half dozen of the usual suspects and I sat outdoors in Kerstin’s […]


Captured this Resurfaced specimen somewhere in Europe and when I chose it for this post, I was somehow reminded of how much of my life has been lived in Europe.

Ascending vs Descending

Today’s philosophical question is: should one be ascending or descending at this stage in life? When I look around, I see plenty of peers still trying to climb up their career ladder, still yearning for more money, fancier vehicles, and adding additional knots of prestige to their pistol belt. Possibly because they don’t know what […]

Summer is almost over and autumn is near

Summer is almost over and autumn is near. As a kid, that’s the kind of “glass is half empty” perspective I had once July came to an end and just a few weeks remained of summer vacation. For the most part, I enjoyed my earliest summers in L.A. Barefoot, pool-hopping, munching on a slice of […]

Vintage Crane & Moral Qualm

I captured this inside the operator’s cabin of a vintage crane in the old Lenin Shipyard of Gdansk, Poland. The view was marvelous but being in the cabin also reminded me of an ancient moral qualm I feel a need to share here. Once I’d reached the highest level of the enormous crane, I thought […]

Lech Wałęsa’s Gdansk

A quick post from Lech Wałęsa’s Gdansk. I’m sure that my personal list of places I want to experience live is longer than most folks. I can’t back that statement up with any scientific stats, but it might be true for most visual artists. Inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, and for me, travel […]


Today would have been my brother Tyko’s 55th birthday. The echo of emptiness from lost loved ones eventually dwindles, becoming faint and distant with time. But do they ever really leave us? Yes, notwithstanding the level of preparedness, the initial flood of pain inevitably fills our hearts and almost drowns us. But in due course, […]

Heatwave in Sweden

We’re enjoying a rare heatwave in Sweden. It’s not nearly as humid as I’m relatively accustomed to in southern Europe or in South East Asia. It’s a dryer heat here that reminds me more of places like Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and New Mexico. I’m certainly not complaining and I’d gladly give up the terrible […]


I captured this gorgeous flower recently and as gentle and fragile as it seemed when I looked at it, somehow, it also broadcasted so much strength, confidence, and fertility. The flower must have looked completely irresistible to the nearby hovering bumblebees. So powerful – real flower power!


I can’t explain it, but for some reason, like most boys and men, I have a fascination with just about anything that has a motor and moves. Is it the soothing soundscape a car evokes while idling or the loudness from a revving motorcycle? Or, is it the high-pitched frequencies of a jet engine during […]

Rusty Summer Dreams

Due to the traveling lifestyle I’ve led for the better par of two and a half decades, summer vacation is a weird concept. And to be totally honest, I don’t think I’ve  had a fixed 4 or 5 week summer vacation since high school or college. Tourism has definitely returned to  Stockholm and the main […]


Once again in Stockholm to work on the Resurfaced project, meet friends and reunite with my cousins. For once, I’m not staying at a hotel in the capital as one of my oldest friends here is traveling abroad and very generously provided her apartment in the cozy Söder neighborhood. The ride up from Malmö was relatively […]

Pink Pool Ripped Nylons

This piece, “Pink Pool Ripped Nylons”, originated from a photograph I took of a swimming pool in Greece a while back. Naming or titling my work has never really been much of a challenge. I’ll usually allow the art itself provide me with at least a part of the title and then add something that […]

Abandoned in Sorrento

Here’s an abandoned house somewhere on the outskirts of Sorrento along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I’ve collected some of my images from that visit over at www.raboffphotography.com/amalfi-coast

Swedish Artists’ Association Magazine

My art is prominently featured on the cover and in an article in the Swedish Artists’ Association’s latest print magazine. I had totally forgotten about the article, so it was as a very pleasant surprise when I opened the mailbox yesterday. #humbled #artwork #swedishart #americanartist #santamonicaimages #visualartist #svenskakonstnärer #svenskakonstnärsförbundet

Resurfaced: Unfaded & Elated

As a younger artist, whenever I honestly and seriously delved into a creative project, almost any kind of exhibition project, and then discovered how much I enjoyed working on it no matter how long it took to complete, I would typically find it hard to understand how anyone could possibly think otherwise. Some might call […]

Resurfaced in Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

A Resurfaced piece from a past visit to the Saint George neighborhood where Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof, the city’s beautifully gritty main train station is located.

Hugo & Christina’s Wedding

Charlotte and I counted that all-in-all, so far, we’ve attended 9 weddings. That’s including our own. This snapshot is from Saturday’s fairytale wedding outside of Saint Alban’s Church in Copenhagen where my cousin Per’s son Hugo and his lovely Christina were married. It was a most beautiful day full of sunshine and love.

Painting Again

Painting again. It’s been way too long since I last held a brush against a canvas. Might have been in the late summer of 2019, a month or so before we left for Vietnam – which seems like such a long time ago now. The pandemic really time-warped life.

Second Amendment Insanity

That so many flag-waving Americans hold the Second Amendment so dearly to their heart is really hard for me to grasp. It’s Second Amendment insanity if you ask me. The Bill of Rights amendment was ratified in 1791, a long, long time ago when bears, mountain lions, and outlaws were omnipresent. It was an era […]

Shedding and Shredding

The symbolism of the curling paint was too irresistible to not write a few words about here. It made me think of a key recurring theme in my life; the inevitable shedding and shredding of one-layered era to make room for the next – and the imagined promises a new coat of paint hopefully yields […]

Washed Ashore

Speaking of the Salton Sea, here’s a new composition themed on climate which is something I actually think heavy-heartedly about from time to time. The main photo with the washed ashore motorboat was captured somewhere near Bombay Beach while the hurricane in the background was created for dramatic effect. #climatechange #hurricaneseason #environment #composition

Home on Wheels with a View

With age comes change. Sometimes it sneaks up and before you realize it, a shift in attitude has evolved. That’s kind of how I feel about campers and RVs. I’m warming up to the idea of the vehicle as a travel-living concept and the practicalities of modern iterations of it. The illustration above was created […]

Canola Blooming

Took the train to Ängelholm yesterday afternoon and so many of the landscapes we passed along the way had blooming canola fields. I like this time of year here in the “deep south” with all these bright yellow flowers under a beautiful blue sky. It’s so surreal that just looking at them makes me feel […]

Resurfaced: Copenhagen

I still feel refreshingly liberated when I can focus entirely on the Resurfaced project. This might sound a little weird for someone that doesn’t suffer from Compulsory Photography Syndrome. But since I do suffer from “CPS”, not taking shots of buildings, food, flowers, people, sunsets, and whatnot as they appear, is quite the challenge. The […]

Talat Noi

From my series of images from the fuming, greasy, and always interesting Talat Noi in Bangkok, Thailand. At some point, I intend to exhibit a selection of these images and film sequences that I’ve shot almost every time I’ve ever been there.

Cherry Trees in Stockholm

Short visit to Stockholm for the biannual Affordable Art Fair. On my way from the train station I walked through Kungsträdgården, a popular urban park where a few dozen cherry trees were in full bloom and photographed by hundreds of locals and tourists. We have plenty of cherry trees in Skåne, but when I noticed […]

Resurfaced: Walls of Kyiv

I keep returning to Kyiv and my resurfaced artifacts collected during my stay there. Many of which will likely be gone already and certainly by the time I return one day. The printed, handwritten notes would be interesting to know what they say.

Post Easter Sushi

After all the fat and salty salmon, wide varieties of pickled herring and all kinds of adult beverages we’ve ingested during the Easter holiday, I really wouldn’t mind a simple sushi meal. The above composition is from a dinner at a popular restaurant chain in Asia called Fuji. The food is pretty decent and though […]