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Say No to Hyperbolic Hypocrisy

Went for a 14k walk yesterday in Downtown Bangkok. Got caught in the rain at one point, but it turned out to be just a drizzle. Saw the sign above and couldn’t resist. I wonder what it’s going to take, politically, economically or catastrophically, for actual change to take place in regards to the planet’s […]

Back in Bangkok

Back in Old Siam. I met this cat in the slums of Khlong Toei a few years ago. I don’t recall the exact circumstances, but I was likely there to photograph for the charity Hang on Hangers. In a totally different life, in the mid-1980s, I had a cat, a male Norwegian forest feline that […]

The Best of Västra Hamnen

I’ve been filming our neighborhood, the area called Västra Hamnen here in Malmö, for about five years. More frequently during the last couple, probably because filming from a drone adds spectacular perspectives and arguably, at least when done right, a cinematic quality that has previously been more or less unattainable for the average Joe. I […]

Windless at the Waterfall

Shot this scene last night in Västra Hamnen, just a few hundred yards from where we live in Malmö. I was actually out and about photographing the exterior of Kockum Fritid’s relatively new entrance. I didn’t see it at the time, so capturing the gentle whirlpool, created by the tiny waterfall, was a result of […]

Avoiding Anticlimax

The surefire way to avoid the otherwise unavoidable anticlimax after something big – like this past weekends two separate art shows – is to make sure you continue to be super-busy or be so emotionally engaged that you just don’t have time or space to think about what just went down. If you saw me […]

Gallery Night 2019

As previously posted, I’ve been invited by Malmö’s Culture and Art Association to exhibit my work on Saturday and Sunday at the city’s annual Gallery Night. I really dig this year’s poster and was humbled by how much space I was given in the collage of fellow artists. Speaking of collage…I will be showing a […]

Climate at The United Nations (seen from the doghouse)

Here’s a shot from a climate signing conference I produced visuals for at the United Nations headquarters in New York a few years back. The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Germany’s Angela Merkel and several hundred dignitaries attended. Even the queen of Sweden was there, albeit for a reason unbeknownst to me. She looked supportive […]

Thin Ice Assignment

Here’s what I’m currently working on in Final Cut Pro; a collage of figure skaters and just one of two dozen short and tightly edited action videos, each representing one of all the activities available at Kockum Fritid here in Malmö. The collection of videos will be viewable on their website, social channels and on […]

Above the fog: Turning Torso

I captured this rare scene early this morning. I’ve been yearning to shoot the tip of Turning Torso above a fog bank for a few years – actually, ever since an old friend managed to time it just right with his drone. While the onboard GPS seemed to work perfectly, there was obviously no line […]

The Tsukiji Market (築地市場)

This is from one of my visits to what was the Tsukiji Market – according to Wikipedia, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. Tsukiji opened on 11 February 1935 as a replacement for an older market that was destroyed in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. It closed on 6 October 2018 […]

At Kockum Fritid

Seem to be in a strange sleep cycle where I wake up every second day at 5:00 am. On my “off” day, I’ll sleep in until 07:00 am and not feel the least bit guilty about it. Today was one of the early mornings and I strolled over to Kockum Fritid and put in a […]

From Malmö Upside Down

I was zonked last night and fell asleep at 10:00 pm. Woke up reseted and ready for the day already at 4:00 am this morning. Before I walked over to our local gym, I added a slideshow gallery with all of my images from the ongoing show, Malmö Upside Down. You can view it right […]

New Show: Malmö Upside Down

From Saturday’s opening of my new show, Malmö Upside Down at the park (Slottsparken/Slottsträdgården) here in Malmö. We didn’t count all the visitors, but in addition to friends, family and others that had RSVP’d and said they were coming, I’d guesstimate another 150 people joined us. After a couple of weeks of more or less […]

Malmö Upside Down

Here’s a short animation I made to visualize to visitors from afar where my photo exhibit Malmö Upside Down will be. Officially, the show starts tomorrow. There will be a pre-show showing this afternoon between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. If you’re in the vicinity, welcome by.


It’s been a couple of years since my last visit, but publishing some of my favorite photographs from two back to back visits to Dubrovnik has been long overdue. The first time was when the Hilton in Dubrovnik invited me and a half dozen travel journalists from all over Europe to experience a weekend in […]

Quality Hotel View

I don’t do much event photography these days. Some videography, but not much still shoots. Ten years ago it was actually one of my primary niches and I’d take on a dozen or so events a year. As a genre, event photography can be both incredibly thankful and a bit thankless. Thankless insofar that you’re […]

I’ve lived in Malmö since 1997, three years before our daughter Elle was born. Initially, Charlotte and I moved here from Göteborg without thinking much of how long we’d end up staying. A year? Two, maybe? While Charlotte had a full plate in her new position as Internet Business Manager at Malmö Aviation’s head office, […]

Malmö Gallery Night

Today I received the above poster (which I’ve modified a tad) for 2019 Malmö Gallery Night – which together with other local artists – I’ve been invited by Malmö’s Art and Culture Association, MKK to exhibit my work at. The annual event takes place at galleries and museums all over town on September 28-29 2019 […]

The Birth of American Music

I’ve been a music fan for almost as long as I can remember. I can’t recall how I got it or who gave to me, but I know I had a small transistor radio sometime in the mid 1970s. It had a short, foldout telescopic antenna (which I likely broke off after a day or […]

Bus Stop Fame

Yesterday, on our way to Höllviken for a causal dinner with friends at their new gorgeous house, I noticed a photo of Turning Torso that seemed familiar. I knew I wasn’t the only one to have captured the building during the Eurovision Song Contest final in Malmö 2013. I’ve always assumed that there were other […]

Harvest Fest At Malmö’s Slottsträdgården

From early this morning as the yearly harvest fest at Slottsträdgården was about to open. I was there checking out the venue for my exhibit next week, Malmö Upside Down. I hope I am equally lucky in regards to the weather.


From what I understand, Västra Hamnen is about a decade away from being completed. Malmö’s newest development on the other hand, Hyllie, is still pretty much in its infancy. I’m heading out there tomorrow for an assignment and will likely be overwhelmed at how much has changed since my last visit a month or so […]

Boardwalk Doggies

For a photographer living so close to an immensely popular boardwalk like Sundspromenaden has its advantages. There’s always something going on, literally all year round. Mostly, it’s the scenic view of the sea and Öresund Bridge surrounded by unusually beautiful cloud formations – or a phenomenally colorful sunset, that grabs my attention. But every once […]

September Morning

Took the drone out for a quick spin this morning. The sunlight hitting the Turning Torso was irresistibly spectacular. We had a dramatic drop in temperature this past weekend. It was hot and humid Saturday morning and within just a couple hours, the weather changed and it got chilly. As if the weather gods timed […]

Heading For Another Freeze?

I saw this on a screen at an ATM recently. I am completely clueless as to what all those acronyms or code represent. But the System Freeze headline certainly grabbed my attention and demanded to be photographed. I doubt the ATM’s inner workings had suffered a sudden drop in temperature. Instead, the money machine’s operating […]

Three Things About Me

Here’s a 3 things I thought of in the shower this morning after my workout. Completely random stuff. 1. This is probably more information than you bargained for when you visited my site today, but for some odd reason, I feel compelled to share that when I’m at home alone, I often strut around completely […]

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Here’s a view of the film company Universal’s soundstages and prop warehouses just north of the famous Hollywood sign and close to the San Fernando valley. I shot it while strapped in a harness and hanging outside of a really small and jerky helicopter. The front passenger door had been removed upon my request – […]

Elevation of Street Food

To me, it’s a whole lot easier to eat healthy, fresh food when I’m in Asia. The abundance of outdoor markets and street stalls make it simply more convenient to fill the gaps between proper meals with good-for-you snacking. Yesterday, my wife and I went to a relatively new, upscale restaurant here in Malmö called […]

Industrial Art

Today I’ve been working on two wildly different projects. Not that that’s unusual. I often juggle 3-4 commercial or self-imposed assignments during the course of any given day. It’s more of a bad habit than something I’m proud of. My attention span is often in wide-angle mode. This afternoon, I’ve been editing video footage which […]

Unlocking Dreams

It was raining when I left home to go to the studio this morning. The weather’s been sunny and warm since I returned from Asia on Monday. Some say maybe a bit too hot, even. So the temperature drop that came with the rain was probably welcome. I dreamt a lot last night. At least […]

Cheating Jetlag?

I’m possibly over-optimistic, wouldn’t be the first time, but I might just have managed to have cheated the usual jet lag issues from my flight out of Asia. Even though I took a long nap yesterday afternoon, I still enjoyed a full night’s sleep. I can’t point to a strategy to evade fatigue from crossing […]

I’m Lounging, Lounging

The Priority Pass lounge at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport is called The Miracle Lounge. I’m writing this from there. From one of many rooms. My flight’s not until 1:30 am, but I’ve been so conditioned by my wife Charlotte over the years, that I got here an ambitious four hours before takeoff. While the food […]

Chinese Cemetery on the Move

I met and had a brief chat with a biking Bangkokian earlier today as I was just about to enter an old Chinese cemetery below the towering Mahanakhon building in the Saladeng/Bang Rak area. The friendly chap worked as a sales and marketing rep at the Bangkok office for Holiday Inn’s waterpark resort in Hua […]

Lollipops at the Car Wash

Stumbled onto this old car wash place just off Sukhumvit Boulevard the other day. Not entirely convinced it’s been totally abandoned, but probably. It’s hard to know for sure in this ever-changing and evolving megatropolis. On a few occasions, I rode my fire engine red Schwinn home from Saint Victor’s – the elementary school in West […]

Durian & God TV

Back in Bangkok. Feels good after almost three weeks in the relatively rural north. My relationship with the capital has evolved over time. I still love exploring Bangkok, but today I am dependent on my abiity to be inspired by what I find and photograph or film while going on long, long walks, discovering interesting […]