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Reconnecting with Garth

This is Garth, my buddy from the old neighborhood in L.A. shot during our city-wide, walk ‘n talk in wonderful Copenhagen the week before last. I only got to show him a small portion of all that the Danish capital has to offer, but for what’s it worth, I think Garth thoroughly enjoyed what he […]

Hiking on Kullaberg

As part of commemorating our wedding day on August 15th, Charlotte and I went hiking up to Kullaberg, a peninsula that stretches out from the mainland with several really nice nature trails and panoramic views of the sea and the village Mölle below. It drizzled for most of our hike but we didn’t let the […]

Those Were The Days!

Sadly, I missed yesterday’s Those Were The Days Reunion in Göteborg. That’s not to say my thoughts weren’t with my old buddies. Especially after each of the near real-time updates I was sent during their evening. Though we initially met and became friends way back in the 1970s, our bond has withstood the test of […]

Bback to Health

I haven’t tasted a decent avocado in a long time. It’s as if the avocados imported to Sweden are the least avocado-tasting variant on the planet. Which probably means they are the cheapest to import and by implication the most profitable to sell. Screwed again. The avocado we had as a topping on tonight’s poke […]

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Charlotte and I got married at Brunnby Church on August 15, 1998, and celebrated this with a big, wonderful party at Turisthotellet in Mölle with family, relatives, and friends. When two seasoned singles unite and continue together at breakneck speed with countless trips, adventures, and wonderful events, not least when our daughter Elle was born […]

45 Year Anniversary

Seems like 2023 will be remembered for a string of colorful anniversaries… Yesterday, someplace along the train route from Stockholm to Malmö, I realized that it was 45 years ago this summer when I relocated from Los Angeles to Göteborg. My mother had just passed away and my father, whom I hadn’t seen or heard […]

Another Glorious Shrimp Sandwich at Lisa Elmqvist

I rarely visit Stockholm without enjoying a classic shrimp sandwich at Lisa Elmqvist, one of the Swedish capital’s best seafood restaurants, nestled deep in the ancient and beautifully renovated food market, Östermalmshallen. Last time I ate there was in March with my daughter and avid shrimp sandwich lover Elle. Today I took my childhood buddy […]

My Books

I put together a new page on this site the other day with images of all of my books. I even added links to where some of them can be ordered. I’ve posted more than 400 clips and short films on Vimeo and Youtube and I’m reasonably sure they’ll be around for a while. But […]

Maui Memories

About ten years ago, my family and I spent a few weeks on the Hawaiian island Maui. Maui is my favorite of the three beautiful islands I’ve been to so far. Why? Well, mostly because we had such a great time while there. The hiking and surfing were really good on Maui and one afternoon, […]


Patrons of this blog will remember that I rented a large retail space in the Dockan area here in Malmö this past spring. For a little over 4 months, I painted and exhibited my work there. I even sold a few pieces. Every now and then I documented my process in both words and with […]


Malmö certainly has its moments. Like last night (and probably tonight as well) during the annual Big Slap Malmö. I’m definitely not a huge fan of crowded spaces these days. But I am drawn to the spectacular and so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of capturing a few images from above this festival. […]

Releasing Angst

So for the past couple of months, off and on, I’ve been editing a mini-documentary about painting. Almost every session in my old studio, I shot a scene or two and now all the footage is edited and neatly placed on the timeline in Final Cut Pro. The background music is on the audio track […]

Dogs in My Life

Since Lennart passed away last year, we’ve been dog-less. And even though Len and I never really clicked, there were a few precious moments in his puppy years when we both felt some kind of affection for each other. Or, maybe it was just respect. As tumultuous as it was, a dog was always present […]

Kappabashi Painting

I may or may not have mentioned my infatuation with Tokyo’s Kappabashi Street or “Kitchen Town” here before. I probably have. Anyway, it’s called “Kitchen Town” because on both sides of an 800 meter short street called Kappabashi, you’ll find just about everything and anything related to restaurant equipment and food preparation, including two of […]

Final Cut Film Project

I’m currently finishing a film project with the footage captured at the studio space I rented this past spring. I’m aiming for it to be completed and published here and elsewhere by the beginning of next week.

Moving Forward

Accept, embrace, own, and move on. That’s my new mantra and approach to this sixth decade. I’m going to focus on the important creative stuff and navigate away from shallow distractions of which there have been far too many. I am going to paint, write and travel more with the overriding goal of cranking up […]

How I Spent My Birthday

After enjoying the family’s traditional birthday Champagne and strawberries in bed, the girls served up a tasty English breakfast, complete with baked beans, toast, sausages, eggs, and a decent brew of coffee. Since the rain was pouring down, I went back to bed and took a long midday nap until it was time to go […]

Life After 60

Well, I made it. It’s life after 60 from here on. I’m going to own it and then forget about it. It’s just a number (my new mantra). Here are a few questionably interesting milestones that I’ve apparently passed from the moment I was born at 5:55 pm on July 22, 1963, at Saint John’s […]

New Amazon book: Re:Surfaced

Re:Surfaced, my third art book (fourth if you count The Art of Penile Photography written under the pseudonym Sebastian T. Armstrong) is now available on Amazon. Having my books available on Amazon is interesting in a couple of ways. My books will hopefully be orderable long after I’ve checked out, so there’s a legacy aspect […]

Surfing at Fistral Beach

Yesterday, I surfed the waves at the classic Fistral Beach, south of Newquay here in Cornwall. What became immediately clear to me was that I raised the average age among the surfers around me by at least 3.5 decades. Which was totally fine since it turned out that I still caught the most waves with […]

Open & Closed

These old but beautifully aged lockers sit right above the beach near our Airbnb. I like the visual metaphor they represent for this post. The forcefully shifting tide here in Newquay is not to be messed with. Visually, it’s kinda mind-blowing. Within just a few afternoon hours, what was once a wide, totally packed, sandy […]

59 and Counting

The idea of turning 60 on Saturday is slowly settling in. After all, it’s just a friggin’ number, right? And numbers are petty much just made up to keep track of stuff like days, months and years. The other day, I got an email from a 103-year-old friend of the family in L.A. That kinda […]

Newquay’s Ebb & Flow

Here’s a view of a private islet just off the coast of Newquay. During much of the day, it’s surrounded by sand and not the sea. Apparently, the difference between low and high tide here is on average an astonishing 6.3 meters (≈ 20ft)! Yesterday, we visited an ancient fishing village north of Newquay called […]

Newquay in Cornwall

After a mostly smooth train ride through an absolutely gorgeous English countryside, we arrived late yesterday afternoon in the picturesque village of Newquay, Cornwall.

British Comfort Food: Fish-n-Chips

Like most countries, England has its fair share of craving-worthy comfort foods. Yesterday evening, a few hours after arriving in the UK for the first time in five years and almost like a rite of passage – yet considerably less ceremonious – Charlotte, Elle, and I happily devoured a huge portion of crispy, fluffily fried […]

Camden Town

We arrived earlier today at Stansted, one of London’s four (!) international airports. Shortly after checking in to the aparthotel, we headed to Regent Park and then straight to Camden  Town, the birthplace of Charles Dickens and George Bernard Shaw. I hadn’t been to the borough for more than 40 years and so I barely […]

Vintage Americans

I’ve always been fascinated with the love some Swedes have for all things Americana. Especially in rural Sweden where vintage 1950s and 1960s cars made in Detroit are a common site. It’s Elvis, Marilyn, Rock n’ Roll, burgers, fries with an ice-cold Root Beer, please. I’ve heard from someone that as spares for these old […]

New Book: Final Touches & Tweaks

Creating a book is both hard work and a lot of fun. I’m putting the final touches and adding a few last-minute tweaks to my 22nd book today. And even after so many book projects, there still is a great deal of angst involved in my process. Just like with all the other stuff I […]

The Sunset of Swedish Neutrality

Shot this a while ago during either a pre-storm och post-storm sunset. I love Sweden. I love Scandinavia. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of the world where most people are kind, thoughtful, and sensible. Folks are for the most part trustworthy and soft-spoken. But make no mistake about the region’s traditions when it comes to […]

Indian & Tre Amigos

Enjoyed a nice meal at Konstrast, our local Indian restaurant, last night with Michael and Thomas, two buddies from the neighborhood. After 10-12 visits, I can say with some authority that this is by far the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to outside of Asia. Unfortunately, I don’t eat curry frequently enough to not have […]

Creating Food

I moved to my own apartment when I was just barely 18 years old. I was the first of all my Swedish friends and so, I had to learn how to cook. Warming up TV dinners was as close to cooking my mother ever got to making homemade meals. Yet somehow, I discovered that preparing […]

Re:Surfaced Book: Los Angeles

I had a nice weekend. Shared a tasty Vietnamese meal with an American buddy, walked in a parade and worked on my fourth Amazon book, Re:Surfaced. Woke up at 05:29 this morning and went for a 5.5k run in our nearby Castle Park. Then a swim in a surprisingly warm sea. Now I’m ready to […]


Yesterday was my very first Pride Parade. I don’t know why I haven’t participated before, but I am glad that I finally got around to showing solidarity with people that have chosen to live the way they feel and not the way society dictates. It’s hard for me to grasp that there are still so […]

Cleaning a Macbook Pro 16″

This is what my 2019 Macbook Pro 16″ looks like inside its shiny aluminum chassis. A few days ago, I noticed how one of the two option keys was glitchy. I assumed that dust or a stubborn grain of sand had wedged its way between the bottom of the physical key and the membrane that […]

New Book: Silhouette Surfers

In no small way thanks to Art Director/KDP Pro David Pahmp), my latest book, Silhouette Surfers is now available on Amazon. In addition to surf images from California, Hawaii, and Portugal (Nazaré), I’ve also added a dozen or so pages packed with stuff related to surfing, some history, a glossary, surf music, and a few […]