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Winter & Icicles

Back in the cold – but kinda gorgeous hood – again. Even January has a day or two when icicles sparkle in the sun and our local birds line up for a quick shoot. More snow is apparently on the way. I much prefer snow to rain this time of year. If I have to […]

Abstractica: Frayed & Fizzled

I saw this terrific Magnum exhibition last week at the bullfighting arena in Malaga and it reminded me of how much I used to love editorial photography and serendipitously captured street scenes. I’m still figuring out this “Abstractica” concept and if it’s something I want to pursue and investigate on a deeper level. The above […]


I created this “Abstractica” with an old camera from Japan while in Spain and I’m calling it “Flowerful” as it reminds me of blossoming tulip bulbs I saw early one morning at a Flower Market in Holland.

Winter Wishes

Captured this a while back while on a long walk along our nearest beach, Ribersborgsstrand. I would love for a huge snow dump to arrive and that it stayed until mid-March, as it did back in 2012. As long as it’s consistently cold, I’m okay with winters down here in the south of Sweden. It’s […]

Spirit of 24

As this is one of my first published images in what I think might be my next artistic endeavor, a series that I might call “Pictura Luminis” which means painting with light in Latin, I gave it the title “Spirit of 24”. Like the image in the previous post, I created this too using the […]

Abstract Photography

While in Spain and when not writing, I’ve been creating a series of abstract images using a fixed lens (35mm) camera which I’ve alternatively set to either one second’s exposure and “Bulb” exposure. “Bulb” predates the invention of flash photography and with this setting, as long as I press the shutter button, the shutter is […]

Marinated Spanish Olives and Roasted Almonds

I am so addicted to marinated olives and roasted almonds, that it’s usually the first thing I buy as soon as I arrive in Spain. I often yearn to revisit some of my favorite places just because I want to eat something that has struck a resounding culinary chord with me. As deliciously succulent and […]


It took only a few hours walking around in Nerja for me to grasp how beautiful the city is. The afternoon light is just spectacular. Nerja is definitely up there with seaside towns like Ericeira (Portugal) and Ibiza Old Town. Shot this scene last night.

Inner Travel

In retrospect, 2023 turned out to be yet another incredibly creative year. Four books, two exhibits, one pop-up gallery and about 12 new paintings. So I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Still, I didn’t feel like I was able to strike the right balance between being creative and sharing my creativity. What I am […]

New Year’s Eve

From yesterday’s magical New Year’s Eve that we will not soon forget. First, a delicious lunch with lobster soup, halibut, and tasty drinks at Mats and Ing-Marie Stadigh’s place. Then, Charlotte and I treated us all to a “French 75,” a pre-dinner cocktail accompanied by a slice of baguette topped with tuna tartare, wasabi, avocado, […]

Adios 2023

All’s well that ends well. In a few hours, we’ll be joining friends to celebrate the old year and welcome the new one. And if only the weather gods deign to show a touch of generosity, we might even bask in a bit of sunshine on the very last day of the year. Not holding […]

Bye-Bye Göteborg

Melancholy. That’s the word I prefer to express how I feel about leaving Göteborg. Not just for knowing that it might be a while before I see friends and family again. Equally missed will be the general positive attitude people in Göteborg have. I’ve interacted with at least a dozen individuals in a wide range […]

Karlatornet in Gothenburg

Here’s my view while on a walk along the docks yesterday afternoon before dinner. Karlatornet is my former hometown Göteborg’s first proper skyscraper and our stay here has provided me with ample time to see it at a relatively close distance. While it’s certainly an impressive feat of engineering, I’m not sure what to think […]

Chinese Christmas Lunch

Well, I guess we’ll consider Christmas 2023 closed. It feels like one of the better holiday seasons with my somewhat tired gaze in the rearview mirror. A nice mix of cozy moments with both family and dear friends. As usual, it was probably a bit too much of the good stuff… but indulging is part […]

Extra in Swedish TV Show “Sanningen” (Truth)

The first time I worked as an Extra or as a Stand-In was in 1986 when I spent about a year at the Atmosphere Agency on shows like Moonlighting, Hunter, and Cagney & Lacey. On average, my paycheck was about $130 per day and I worked 3-4 days each week for most of the year. […]

Pre Christmas

From last night’s wonderful pre-Christmas dinner hosted by our friends Alexandra, Pär and Minona. Great to catch up since we last got together at their summer place for Midsummer.


During the fall’s “workcation” in Asia, I was kept busy with a couple of different book projects. The first book was completed while we were in Tokyo and is my tribute to New York City which I’ve had the amazing privilege of visiting regularly for close to four decades, for both work and pleasure. The […]

The Chao Phraya River & Thoughts for 2024

Here’s the majestic Chao Phraya River as seen from the terrace in front of the Apple Store at Icon Siam in Bangkok. Never underestimate a spectacular view. Although I have ingested the hundreds of film clips and thousands of still images from our three months in Asia, I can’t seem to find the time, energy, […]


I am adjusting from being enveloped in color to being submerged in a sea of grey. From feeling humid heat warm my skin to protecting it from a dry, windy cold. I see expressionlessness and frowns where I just a few days ago was met with genuine smiles and curiosity. At the sports center this […]

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK): Parting Shots, and Thoughts.

I find myself sitting in a plush armchair deep within the vast expanse of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s grand lounge, nursing a meticulously crafted Bloody Mary that might be just a tad too potent, even for my taste. Contemplating whether to replenish my plate with more of the delectable Thai dishes artfully arranged on the extensive buffet […]

Traveling with Rinvoq

Bangkok. Wednesday. Evening. Thankful. Three months, three countries, six cities, 12 different hotels, and 93 tablets – yes, this year’s adventure in Asia is coming to a close. We’ve been working as usual, probably even more than usual. Yet, not having to think about most of life’s mundane routines has certainly been refreshing. When not […]

Spice Street along Song Wat Road

This shot is from a section of Song Wat Road that has dozens of small warehouses filled with spices, herbs and dried foodstuff. From what I gathered after talking to a kind lady that worked in the wholesale shop with the above raw cinnamon sticks, most of what’s stored and later distributed along Song Wat […]

Misty Bangkok Morning

Here’s the view from our hotel room’s balcony this morning. Once the sun had risen above the horizon, a morning mist saturated the other side of the river, as seen above. After close to an hour with both cardio and weight lifting in the hotel’s gym, we had breakfast.  Charlotte and I then took the […]

Laundry and Shrimp Cakes

Bangkok. Saturday. Evening. Weary. While Charlotte worked at a design center on the other side of the Chao Phraya River, I languidly lingered at our Thonburi hotel, casually attending to tasks like handwashing dirty laundry and curating clips for a short film about a bustling Western metropolis. As the shirts, underwear, and shorts dried on […]

Old Bangkok

I have no problem embracing new stuff or appreciating the modernization of places I’ve once fallen in love with. Today’s Bangkok is way different from when I took my very first weary walk along Surawong Road after checking into the Fuji Hotel back in 1988. And the Los Angeles I grew up in during the […]

Soggy Shoes, Cheese Doodles & Christmas Muzak

Bangkok. Friday. Evening. Cheese Doodles.  Today I went too far. My damp shoes didn’t dry properly, and now both they and my feet stink. A robust scent reminiscent of Cheese Doodles permeates my life right now. I’m airing the shoes on the balcony, wondering if our neighbors in the next room make the same smell […]

Keep it Simple: Ordinary People & Delicious Food

In most of my interactions, regardless of circumstance, I always try to find common ground. My “philosophy,” if I can be allowed to call it that, is elegantly simple: everyone, without exception, has a story worth telling. And if those I engage in conversation with are willing to shed their guardedness and generously offer me […]

Leaving Sukhumvit and Delicious Street Food

Last night marked our farewell feast at the street kitchen beneath the Phrom Phong Skytrain station: wok-fried chili shrimp in coconut milk, small deep-fried fish pancakes in red curry, Pad Thai tofu, a portion of plain boiled white rice, and a couple of ice-filled glasses brimming with cold Chang beer. Throughout this journey, we’ve indulged […]

Bus Adventure in Malaysia

A long while back, I sat half asleep on a shaky night bus somewhere in the midst of Malaysia. I had been in Singapore for a few days to renew my visa for Thailand and was heading back north with Bangkok as my final destination. At some point that night, the bus turned off the […]

The Heavy Metal Juggler

Yesterday, Charlotte and I explored the trendy neighborhood of Song Wat which sits between Talat Noi/Sieng Gong and Chinatown proper. While there, we walked by the intersection where the cover of my book Heavy Metal in Talat Noi was captured and the temptation to take out my colorful balls and juggle just overwhelmed me…

Humidity & Chili Sweaty

It’s the humidity that gets you in Bangkok. Not the exhausts. Not the sun. So it’s the relatively low humidity that makes December such a pleasant month to visit the Thai capital. Last night, after a full 16k day of walking in and out of malls, jostling with fellow riders in the Skytrain and a […]

Back in Benjasiri

Bangkok. Friday. Evening. Cool (relatively). I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many down vests, knitted hats, and overcoats along Sukhumvit Road as I did this morning. It was 24 degrees Celsius outside, and several Thais I encountered seemed to be shivering and freezing. Despite a couple of visits to bars last night, I woke […]

Naha Airport Okinawa (OKA)

Captured this just as we were about to board our flight to Osaka yesterday morning at Naha Airport in Okinawa. The cabin crew were genuinely happy when we handed them our flyer for Charlotte’s popular airline website www.airlinestaffrates.com Flying southwest today.