Vegan Platter with Falafel and Hummus

Bars, Juggling & Dry Vegan Food

Wednesday. Evening. Da Nang. Content.

Woke up reasonably well-rested this morning. Brushed my teeth, got dressed, and stumbled out of the hotel, slowly making my way to the gym seven, eight blocks westward. Along the way, I passed a couple of bars that were still open. Some of the patrons looked to be my age. Phew.

I checked into “My An Sports Center” at 06:05 and warmed up with a long run on the treadmill. A few stations and some weightlifting later, I began the highlight of my morning: juggling.

I’m gradually getting the hang of coordinating hands, eyes, and my tiny, morning-weary brain cells. Quite fascinating that I can still learn something entirely new. Didn’t break any records today, but now I can easily manage 15 and sometimes even 20 throws in a row.

On my way home from the gym, I noticed that the aforementioned bars had closed. Two gray-haired guests were fast asleep, snoring loudly on a scruffy concrete bench on the sidewalk in front of one of the bars.

The sun was already scorching hot, and I thought about how sweaty it would soon get for the old dudes once the sun had gained a little height.

Mrs. Raboff treated me to dinner. We take turns inviting each other to lunch and dinner, more or less every other meal. It’s everyday luxury and generosity, evenly divided between the two of us.

We ate at a vegan place. Healthy and fairly tasty, albeit a bit on the dry side. For the first time since we left Malmö, at the end of September, I missed our kitchen and my own cooking…