Elle Ingrid Agnes Raboff

Elle’s 23rd!

Tuesday. Evening. Saigon. Grateful.

Today is our daughter Elle’s 23rd birthday, and because I’m a sensitive dude, I always become a bit more sentimental on November 7th. When I think about how privileged I am to have such a wonderful individual in my life, which in itself is proof that I didn’t completely fail as her father, I become simultaneously teary-eyed and proud.

In a considerably darker place, deep within my soul, I wish that my parents were alive now so that they could see with their own eyes how I, of course, together with the incredibly kind and stable Charlotte, broke the curse they left behind.

Naturally, we are extremely happy and proud of Elle’s ongoing academic achievements and her evolving creative spirit. But it’s her generosity, empathy, and humor that make us feel especially happy today. And grateful.

Congratulations, Elle!

Love you!