benefits and drawbacks of staying at a huge resort

Huge Resorts vs Boutique Hotels

HereFrom a facility perspective, there are definitely more benefits than drawbacks of staying at a huge resort. Most resorts have at least one pool, a sizable gym and offer a decent breakfast buffet.

On the other hand, these larger places tend to make you feel like you’re in a holiday factory, one of numerous anonymous guests shuffling between beach chairs, dining tables, and hotel rooms.

I’ve come to prefer a middle ground, hotels that are somewhere between the small, personable boutique hotel and a ginormous resort. Moon Beach Museum (pictured above) is huge but since we’re here during the off-season and there aren’t many other guests, we’ve had a lot of space and zero crowds to deal with.

Went out for a 5k jog yesterday morning, then breakfast, then laundry, then the beach, then a fabulous dinner at Jam, a Polynesian-style restaurant nearby. Time to head for Osaka.