Red Hot Chili Peppers

Humidity & Chili Sweaty

It’s the humidity that gets you in Bangkok. Not the exhausts. Not the sun. So it’s the relatively low humidity that makes December such a pleasant month to visit the Thai capital.

Last night, after a full 16k day of walking in and out of malls, jostling with fellow riders in the Skytrain and a taking a ferry across the busy Chao Phraya River, we enjoyed another delicious dinner at an outdoor corner restaurant here in Phrom Phong. We’re now recognized patrons there and once we’d sat down – but before our dinner arrived – I exclaimed with unbridled enthusiasm how wonderfully cool the weather was.

But as soon as our kind waitress presented our food and I had added a few teaspoons of Thai chili to spice my dish up a bit, I started sweating profusely – as if it were April, arguably the hottest, stickiest month of the year here.