Naha, Okinawa

Last Sunset in Naha Okinawa

Okinawa. Thursday. Evening. Joyess.

It’s our last evening in Naha. Tomorrow we head to Moon Beach in northern Okinawa. I will probably miss our amazing corner room (#912) at this hotel more than Naha itself. I must remind myself always to request a corner room in the future.

Strata Hotel is the 22nd or 23rd hotel we have stayed at in 2023, and we have at least 4 hotels left before the year is over. That count includes the hotel nights in the converted movie theatre Draken (Dragon) in Gothenburg over the Christmas holidays. I haven’t celebrated Christmas in Gothenburg since the pandemic. I haven’t been to Draken since Ben-Hur played there in 1978.

To travel is to live. To live is to travel.

Now, after turning 60, there is nothing more important to me than to continue traveling and challenging myself by letting serendipity guide me more often than a map.

Tired after a day of aimless wandering through Naha, we decided to skip eating dinner at a restaurant and instead have a picnic in our beautiful hotel room.

After happy hour in the rooftop bar as Naha bathed in a golden glow from the very last rays of the day, we took the elevator to the ninth floor and laid out several beautifully packed sets of store-bought sushi.

Not entirely surprisingly, the fish turned out to taste significantly better than what we are served by the cheerful Vietnamese folks at our local sushi joint in Västra Hamnen. Whether Japanese food is best cooked by Japanese people in Japan, I’ll leave unsaid.

Just after the last nigiri piece and maki roll were eaten, Elle called from Barcelona. Our hearts filled with love as we talked about how cozy it’s going to be to celebrate Christmas together in Gothenburg. After that call but only for the second time during this lengthy trip, I felt a bit homesick.