Model Mayhem and a Cohiba

My cigar series is slowly coming together. It started more or less by a fluke a few years ago while I was working in my old studio with artist and friend, Johan Carlsten. I just recently added two more to the collection – one of which is of Czech model, Ivana Cermakova, pictured above. However artistic, images of folks puffing away on a cigar isn’t exactly promoting a healthy lifestyle. They do, however, somehow promote life-in-style.

Haven’t smoked a Cohiba (or, any other brand for that matter) in quite a few years. But every time I look at this shot and my other cigar smokers, I get an urge to fire one up and puff away.

I got in touch with Ivana through Model Mayhem, possibly the world’s largest online network of models, make-up artist, photographers and stylists. I’ve only been a member for a short while, but through an old assistant’s account, I’ve actually used MM for a few years. Primarily in L.A. But since joining, I’ve had some really good commercial and artistic shoots thanks to the models I’ve recruited through the network. It’s a bit tricky to vet the level of professionalism just by looking through profile pix and info. But so far, so good.

Model Mayhem has unfortunately very little presence here in Malmö, but there are plenty of professional models that tour European studios on a regular basis – with some even traveling as far north as in Copenhagen.