Last night in Asia

Well, it’s about time to leave Bangkok and the always intriguingly interesting albeit grueling humid and intense South East Asia. It’s mostly been seasonally cool, though. At least while the sun’s hiding behind thick grey clouds. The shot above is from earlier tonight from on top of the Thong Lor Skytrain Station (BTS) where late afternoon/early evening traffic started to pick up in both directions along Sukhumvit Road. I’m not a huge fan of this part of Bangkok, but if you have to stay on or near Sukhumvit, trendy Thong Lor is a good option as it offers a somewhat local vibe to the area’s otherwise extremely urban state of mind. And best of all, there’s not many (if any) nagging tailors here.

After spending several weeks  in Thailand – where smiles are plentiful and most generously offered, even to the strangest strangers – it’s certainly going to take some serious acclimatization before we readjust/realign/reboot our lives to Scandinavia’s cold and dark meteorological and social climate.

Tonight, we ate the trip’s last meal in Asia at a popular Japanese eatery around the corner and filled our table with udon noodle soup topped with tempura, a tray full of tuna, salmon and yellow tail nigiri, some California maki rolls, a tray packed with salty Edamame beans, several bowls of garlic rice and finally, a small grilled teriyaki salmon. All sumptuously delicious and beautifully presented by the chef and our kind waitress.

I’m going to miss being able to spoil myself with so much great food. I always do. The level of choice here is remarkable. I am sure I could without any problem eat at a new restaurant in Bangkok every night for the rest of my natural life without having to repeat a single visit – or go bankrupt.

Though I’m not looking forward to enduing a minimum of three winter months, I concede that I’m rested, inspired and ready to dig in to both ongoing projects and forthcoming assignments. And I can’t wait to go through about a terabyte of film and stills from both Thailand and the Maldives.

Next stop: Malmö