Adjusting to Slow Life

Be it S’pore, Delhi or Bangkok, whenever and wherever I visit Asia, it’s usually bustling and busy. Well, maybe not so much Singapore. But definitely Bangkok and Delhi.

Here in the wild, wild east where water buffalo graze freely on monsoon drenched rice paddies and locals in pointy hats smile at you when you pass them on your bike, yet just a few klicks from the relatively crowded and buzzing Hoi An’s city center, it’s very calm and very quiet.

Tonight though, at a distance, I can hear what must be a fairly large karaoke party. And even if I only know (so far) two words in Vietnamese (hello and thank you), in my ears, the singing sounds like someone’s slowly slaughtering one of them water buffaloes. It sounds more like a shrieking animal – and not something a human could/would/should vocalize. It’s absolutely horrible and to boot, this is the second loud karaoke party we’ve been through this week.

2019 has been a good year for me. Perhaps not a record-breaker (we’re still waiting for our annual report to be finalized), but good regardless. I’ve been busy up until the last week before we left. Which, I suppose, is why I’m feeling restless here in these tranquil, jungly environs. Believe me, that in itself is frustrating. I so want to embrace this relaxing experience. And I know if I do allow myself some time off, it’ll be beneficial on multiple levels. But since so much of my life and identity has been defined by my ability to generate a constant flow of output in a range of creative disciplines, I feel a little lost without having a clear mission or a solid project to take on and challenge myself with. So, yesterday, as at least something to do with myself, I set out to shoot some footage of our neighborhood – which resulted in the above 60-second film.

In all honesty, deep down, in my heart of hearts, I actually know what I need to do creatively to find my way back and on to a new set of tracks. But I’m putting it off. Why? Because I’m terrified of what may come of it. Or, worse, if nothing comes of it. Stay tuned…