avocado and yoga

Avocado & Yoga

For the past two weeks, I’ve been eating a large, ripe avocado and a big carrot for lunch. That’s it. This “diet”, in combination with getting at least 5 km of walking or biking exercise a day, is helping me slowly burn off the flab around my waist. It also feels excellent to not eat so much. I’m working on it, but I still can’t shake off the coffee addiction or a cold draft beer I usually have for dinner. It’s that first alluring sip of ale that’s so hard to withstand.

Went to a yoga class at a nearby gym this past Friday. Not only was I the only foreign dude in the room, but I was also at least twice as old as any of the women there. And since the Vietnamese instructor didn’t speak a word of English, I had to look towards the others a lot of the time just to follow along – which might have come across as being a little creepy. Hopefully, I’m just projecting such thoughts.

Aside from a bit too much chanting at the beginning of the hour-long class, it was a really good workout. As she didn’t shy away from coming to my mat and tweaking my poses, afterward, I gave the instructor extra kudos for being so hands-on. Not sure if she understood me, though.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Raboff