Unlocking Dreams

It was raining when I left home to go to the studio this morning. The weather’s been sunny and warm since I returned from Asia on Monday. Some say maybe a bit too hot, even. So the temperature drop that came with the rain was probably welcome.

I dreamt a lot last night. At least two different dreams with lively conversations in both. I can’t remember what was said, only that they took place outdoors in an urban environment, somewhere in the world.

It’s really strange how when you fall asleep, the body goes to work autonomously on repairs while – for whatever reason – the mind is like a mad scientist, creating vivid, weird dreams without any realtime consent or prior agreements. Unlocking the door to our own little dream factory would certainly be something.

What if you were able to simulate forthcoming scenarios? Project and play out different outcomes in your mind, analyze each and then when you woke up, base a decisive decision on the simulation that had the best possible outcome. Now that would be a powerful tool to harness. But what if the mind is already doing exactly that – and we’re just not aware of it?

I’ve passed, possibly even shot this door before. It’s somewhere on Silom Road in Bangkok, not far from the Hindu neighborhood I stayed at last year by the popular Mariamman Temple.