The Maldives

After yesterday’s four hour flight from Bangkok, we’re now in the Maldives. Yup, it’s as beautiful here as the brochures portrayed. We’re on one of the island nation’s smaller atolls that’s about 300 x 800 meter in width and length. No road, just sand and a few golf carts.  

As could be expected, the vast majority of guests are newlyweds on their honeymoon. Most are from China but we’ve seen/heard a few Russians, too. So far, not a single American or anyone single, for that matter.

Weather is similar to that of Hawaii; tropical yet comfortably warm with a constant breeze flowing through the island’s mangrove bushes and swaying palm trees.

Most of yesterday was dedicated to shooting and filming on Sunset and Sunrise beaches. So, even if it rains the rest of our days here, I feel I already have enough stills and footage for the stories and travel video I’m here to produce. Which means today, I can relax and work a little on my Christmas tan.