Grounded 747 in Bangkok

Early this morning, I ventured about an hour out from the center of Bangkok to a seemingly obscure plot of undeveloped land that has long served as a makeshift graveyard for several commercial planes. Star and visual draw here is, of course, the gigantic and instantly recognizable, Boeing 747, “Jumbo Jet”.

All of the derelict planes inner workings had been gutted for what I can only assume was the value from the network of copper wiring which is hidden behind the walls of the fuselage. Ironically, the first class cabin (top floor) was more or less empty and the only remaining seat in the entire aircraft was the cockpit’s barren jump seat.

I didn’t have time to investigate for any clues as to which airline the plane had been in service for. But given its location, I’m not overreaching with a guess that it was probably Thai International Airways.

While walking around inside and around the grounded metal carcass, I wondered if I at some point in my life, on some trip to or from Asia, had been one of the plane’s passengers.