Industrial Art
Today I’ve been working on two wildly different projects. Not that that’s unusual. I often juggle 3-4 commercial or self-imposed assignments during the course of any given day. It’s more of a bad habit than something I’m proud of. My attention span is often in wide-angle mode.
This afternoon, I’ve been editing video footage which will evenutally become dozens of 10-15 second “shorties” for a client’s social media channels. Much of this morning I spent creating new pieces for the Gallerinatten/Gallery Night exhibit at the end of next month. While both of today’s projects have been challenging, I’ll admit that creating completely new art pieces from scratch is definitely the more mentally demanding.
I’m one of several other artists that have been invited to participate in this year’s collective, city-wide, nightly exhibit. I’ve been visually fascinated and inspired by Malmö’s industrial epoch for a long time. So, while my other exhibit is focused on contemporary places in Malmö, for the aforementioned Gallery Night show, I’ll be exhbiting six large-format and two smaller pieces themed on the city’s recent industrial era.
In the fall of 2017, I was invited to document several of Kockum Industries abandoned and destined to be demolished giant assembly halls and workshops. So I have a plethora of both wide and detail photographs at my disposal. As often is the case, I have too many ideas and not enough time or exhibit space to showcase them all. Which means that I’m spending a lot of time selecting and ranking my work to finally have candidates I feel aptly represent the theme.
The image above didn’t make into my top-ten-list. But I like it nonetheless.