Three Things About Me

Three Things About Me

Here’s a 3 things I thought of in the shower this morning after my workout. Completely random stuff.

1. This is probably more information than you bargained for when you visited my site today, but for some odd reason, I feel compelled to share that when I’m at home alone, I often strut around completely naked. I’ve been doing this ever since moving to my very first apartment, 38 years ago. Though some may deem this a bad habit, I feel incredibly comfortable when I’m undraped and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn should anyone happen to see me through our large living room windows. But to be clear, I’m not walking around in the birthday suit just to exhibit myself.

2. If it’s too early to run our powerful but extremely noisy smoothie blender – and only if we have the right alternatives at home – I’ll make crunchy peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast. I’ve not tried it yet, but I can totally see how a couple of thick slices of kosher pickle would work beautifully in such a sandwich.

3. Part of my longterm health goal is to become entirely independent of all training facilities and equipment. I believe I will accomplish this by practicing Yoga, Qigong and by walking and hiking (and possibly even jogging).

Charlotte shot the above photo yesterday evening.