Turning Torso

September Morning

Took the drone out for a quick spin this morning. The sunlight hitting the Turning Torso was irresistibly spectacular.

We had a dramatic drop in temperature this past weekend. It was hot and humid Saturday morning and within just a couple hours, the weather changed and it got chilly. As if the weather gods timed it for the coming month of September.
September is a favorit time of year. When it’s not raining, mornings are usually crisp and clear. And as the sun rises later, the direction and angle in which it lights up Malmö shifts.

Most folks are back at work and we have the neighborhood much to ourselves. Hopefully the water will stay warm a little longer this year – so Charlotte and I can enjoy a few more morning swims.

I have shy of three weeks before it’s time to pack my stuff and leave the studio. It’s been a really good year, creatively speaking. This is the fourth creative space I’ve rented in 12 years and by far the smallest. It’s going to be interesting to see where I set up shop next…