Putty Cat

Of all the cities, towns and hamlets I’ve visited throughout Europe, I can’t recall seeing so many cats as there are here in Bodrum. They’re literally everywhere.

Met the above Lazy Bones Jones furry feline absorbing today’s late afternoon sun which was pouring in from one of the windows in a shop down by Bodrum’s cozy little harbor. There’s no shortage of stores selling knick-knacks here. But we’ve also visited a few really snazzy boutiques stocked with a collection of quality apparel priced (according to Charlotte) at about 50% below what we’d pay in Sweden.

There’s more than just cats here. I’ve seen several dozen dogs. Big ones, too. No donkies, though. Not yet, anyway. We’re heading over to Kos tomorrow. So there’s a decent chance we might meet a few hee-hawas while there.