Bodrum, Türkey

Late last night, after about 12 hours of traveling, Charlotte and I finally checked into the Voyager here in Bodrum. It’s actually our very first time staying at an all-inclusive hotel and so, as part of the checkin process, we we’re both equipped with opaque, logo branded, plastic wristbands and politely encouraged to wear them at all time during our stay here.

Not that I have much experience from hospitals, but I associate plastic armbands with something they make you wear at a hospital. Mine fell off sometime during last night’s restless sleep, so I’ve now got it neatly tucked away in the left pocket of my white shorts. We just had breakfast and no one working the morning shift in the dining hall asked me to identify myself. Possibly because Charlotte’s plastic bracelet was clearly visible.

The breadth of the buffet was nothing short of magnificent and it wasn’t easy resisting overindulgence. Especially when I discovered the subsection of olives. The variety was extraordinary and in one of the many bowls I found one type that had a pit that in itself was bigger than the largest olive I’ve ever seen before.

We’re in here to research for a travel story for Charlotte’s popular site Hotell Addict about Bodrum – which has been on our destination list for at least a couple of years.

This is only our second visit to Türkey (adding a couple of dots to the ü is just too irresistible) with Istanbul being the first. We absolutely loved Istanbul.

The weather here in Bodrum, at least this time of year, is just how I like it, Californian warm and sunny. There’s even a few palm trees down by the beach. Photo: Charlotte Raboff