Electric Ride on Kos

To add an excursion to our travel story about Bodrum, we ventured out to sea yesterday by jumping onboard a ferry to the neighboring Greek island of Cos.

I’ve been to Cos (Kos) before, but it was in my early twenties, so I just barely recognized myself. We rented a couple of electric bikes and rode them to Casa Cook, a boutique hotel Charlotte was keen on seeing live and which was about 25k northwest of Cos town. While there, we ate a pretty good lunch before returning along a beautiful coastal road that led us back. Before getting back on the boat to Türkey, we stopped at one of  many identical harbor cafés for an ice cream, coffee and a small glass of Ouzo.

Being that Türkey borders to Syria and several Greek islands, including Kos, still have refugee camps, there was a small but rigorous immigration procedure we had to pass through at each country’s port. No big lines, though and everything went super smooth. Not sure this will be the case once high season kicks in a month from now.