ramen soup whole foods los angeles

Pacific Noodle Soup

There something special about the Pacific Ocean here in Southern California. I hadn’t thought of it before this morning’s surf. But the cool temperature and mild but pronounced salinity makes it somehow comfortable and easy to spend a long time in the waves. Which is good when sets are far few between. Not like this morning when they just kept rollin’ in.

I’m keeping a fairly strict, healthy regime whilst here. Eating mostly raw, plant based food, surfing or running early in the morning. Drinking a double shot latte with coconut milk latte at Cow’s End and then a long bike ride up the coast to Santa Monica with some of all the camera gear I brought with me.
Today, I scouted along Lincoln and found a few new sites that I intend to include in my ongoing documentation of this eclectic thruway. Stopped by Whole Foods (Whole Amazon?) and thoroughly enjoyed slurping up their crazy-good ramen tempura soup pictured above.