Surf Tacos

Almost a week of my visit has passed and I’m still a little jet-lagged. Wake up at 04:30 a.m. and work a little before stretching and pulling my body into the wet suit, quietly taking my board down the apartment building’s stairs, onto the beach and into the waves. This morning was spectacular and the first day so far that provided some sunshine.

Had a great meal yesterday evening. It’s hard to find really good Mexican-inspired food in Sweden. Malmö has a few places that offer a few decent dishes, but it’s mostly standard recipe stuff with none of that home made cooking vibe that you can expect at almost every food truck in L.A. As far as I know, the level of splendor and amazing variety available here is unsurpassed. Outside of Mexico, of course. Last night, I had what was arguably one of the top ten meals in this category at a unassuming poco bodega a few blocks inland in Manhattan Beach aptly called, Sion’s Mexican Restaurant. The Ahi-Ahi tuna tacos, shrimp tacos, guacamole, refried beans – all of it was just superb and made a big dent in my belly – and was the perfect fix for my week-long craving.