More than world class engineering and design

I love the Öresund Bridge and I’ve flown over it, floated under it and on many, many occasions, driven over it. Though this next sentence might offend a few local patriots, I’m going to be bold here and just say it: the fact that the Öresund Bridge makes it super easy to reach Kastrup International Airport is a really strong incentive to remain in Malmö.

Not only do I absolutely adore Kastrup because of all the intercontinental flights available there, it’s also a really pretty airport that seems to be well-managed and equipped with several good restaurants and cafés – as well as a couple of decent business lounges.

Looking at it with some perspective, the Öresund Bridge has undergone an interesting metamorphosis: from emblem of the vast (and arguably, long overdue) upgrade program in the region’s transportation infrastructure, to symbol of engineering excellence, borderless cooperation and, for many of the recently arriving refugees, the last hurdle before heading towards what will hopefully be a new, and much improved life.

The above image was shot in June 2016 whilst on an assignment for Skanska Öresund AB.