Vegan Burger

The Vegan Burger

Whenever there’s an opportunity to order a burger, regardless of where in the world I am, and there’s nothing else on the menu that tickles my fancy, nine times out of ten, I’ll order one.

How many burgers I’ve eaten in my lifetime? I’m guessing that the very first one was likely served to me when I was 4 or 5 years of age.

In a few months, I’ll be 60.

Of the 55 years since my very first bite, I would wager that I’ve on average eaten two burgers per month. So, 24 (per year) x 55 (years) = 1320 hamburgers.

The vegan burger above was from tonight’s dinner at The Vegan Bar here in Malmö. Yeah, it was pretty good. The patty was of some soy construction and not nearly as juicy, chewy, or smokey as I would have preferred. And that bun…oh boy, not having sesame seeds on a hamburger bun was just plain weird. That said, the chili mayo and potato fries did a good job of compensating for the dinner’s pseudo hamburger. Missed pickles, though. 🍔