non-figurative photography

Re-learning, Re-teaching, Re-tooling, Oh My!

I’m often naively optimistic, which is probably a good thing. But re-teaching myself or re-tooling my mind to create de-constructed, non-figurative images is proving to be a lot more challenging than I expected. The Resurfaaced project has definitely helped remind me of my younger years as a non-figurative painter. But all those years as a reasonably skilled photographer are also making it hard to not feel and express what I can’t see through a traditional “lens”.

The strive for an aesthetically pleasing composition has become so deeply ingrained, that I have to work hard to free myself from such limiting constraints.

From time to time, I can almost hear how new neuro pathways are being created in my head as I force myself to veer off the path where structure, planning, and met expectations ultimately lead to boredom and indifference.