Star Wars

Though I’m not a hardcore Star Wars nerd, I’d lie if I didn’t admit to having a childish level of excitment about J.J. Abrams take on George Lucas space opera, arriving in (US) theaters in about two weeks.

The faux Sci-Fi tech is certainly intriguing, but more importantly – at least to me – are the over-the-top, incredulously bombastic visuals. Escapism at its best.

Buddy Ken Wegas sent me the above photo this morning from the premiere of the very first Star Wars film at Mann’s Chinese Theatre on May 25, 1977. I’m there, somewhere in that crowd, together with Marcos and his father, director and writer, Antonio Santean. I’d been babysitting his son Marcos for a few months, and as a bonus, Antonio kindly invited me to see the premiere showing of a movie starring mostly unknowns – but that had been generating so much buzz and that almost instantly created fans all over the world. Photo credit: unknown.