Nuts for Nuts

As a nation, Sweden is decidedly at the forefront on many important environmental and human rights issues. But when it comes to food, however, this country is sadly pretty much slave to a few dominating corporations that dictate the relatively slim range (and contents) available in grocery stores.

Exceptions exist – and we’re lucky to both work and live near one of the country’s only Whole Foods inspired stores. And despite having a really good selection of organic, locally sourced products, I still order many of our kitchen’s basic ingredients via Amazon UK, including organic cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, sun dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a bunch of other specialty foods.

Ordering weighty stuff from Great Britain isn’t cheap and sometimes, my purchases are unreasonably expensive. Admittedly, a few times, when I haven’t been paying attention, the shipping charge has even exceeded what the products themselves cost. And one might rightfully question how environmentally friendly it is to order food from the UK.

Fortunately, my qualms are usually quite literally quieted by our loud, two horse power monster blender while it mashes, crushes and whirls nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, kale and almond milk into my breakfast smoothie…