Smoking and Art in Copenhagen

I can’t remember when I last smoked. But when I saw this public ashtray in Copenhagen today, I was instantaneously reminded of what it was like being a smoker. Now, I wasn’t a pro smoker like my father, who could easily puff his way through three packs a day. But admittedly, I was a party smoker and I partied a lot back in the 1980s and early 1990s. But once Elle was born, I pretty much quit. These days, only on an extraordinarily rare occasion does the very concept of smoking enter my mind. That said, I still vividly remember the sound from when opening up a pack of Marlboro Gold Pack Lights, lifting up the wafer-thin metal foil, and the distinctive smell of tobacco that arose from the 20 neatly packed cigarettes. I have a few other evocative memories from that era. None of which I can share here.

Being neighbors with Copenhagen (and Kastrup) is an excellent reason why Malmö continues to be an attractive place to reside. Today, I took the train over Copenhagen’s Central Station, Københavns Hovedbanegård, and walked in the Sunday sun to Kødbyen where I saw an absolutely mind-bending immersive, challenging and, ultimately, creatively inspiring exhibit by visual artist, filmmaker, and Professor at the School of Media Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Jane Jin Kaisen. Wow! It’s so rare for me to feel the way I did when viewing her work. For more info about Jane’s exhibit, click here.