Raboff's Music February 2023

Music February 2023

Here are some of the albums that have kept me going and in good spirits during much of February 2023. My longtime favorite radio station, San Francisco-based Soma FM, which I listen to several hours a day is not shown here. The station’s Groove Salad channel and the Left Coast 70s channel are my two favorites. And if I’m writing emotionally demanding stuff and just need something in the background to keep me company without distracting my wordsmithing, I’ll tune into the Drone Zone channel.

I have about 450 albums in my offline digital collection. Most are from my deejaying days in the early 1990s. Sadly, I don’t add many new artists, partially because I stream most of my music diet. But it’s also due to the fact that despite many listens and way more exposure than I care for, I just can’t seem to appreciate the vast majority of today’s most popular mainstream music. Still, I totally get that even the most soulless, programmed, auto-tuned songs can be just as involving when listened to through younger ears as my old-school music is to me.

American songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, singer, producer, arranger, and recording engineer Jay Graydon has a brilliant quote about the state of much of today’s music production: “Before Pro Tools, there were Pros”.