Öresund Storms – and why this photographer loves ‘em!

Being a Västra Hamnen based photographer, I have a front row seat whenever spectacular weather rolls in over our little enclave. At least when I’m home. And even when abroad somewhere, I try to keep tabs on the weather in Malmö. If for no other reason than to see if I’ve missed a magnificent storm or the arrival of a thick, mysterious, fog bank.

In light of the fact that Västra Hamnen is located where two huge bodies of water merge, the Baltic Sea (via Öresund) and the North Atlantic (via Kattegat), calling our microclimate unsteady is, well, a huge understatement. Even during the few summer months, when the sun can actually – albeit rarely – shine from a cloudless sky several days in a row, are we spared from what seems like an endless string of storm fronts and unruly weather condistions.

Personally, I love storms. Some of my most popular images, measured both commercially and in viewership, are during or just after a thunderstorm swept through the area. Fact is, I want clouds in my compositions – regardless of if I’m photographing landscapes, outdoor portraits or architecture.

Clouds not only add contrast and dimension. They also provide a great opportunity to filter and soften the harsh light of midday. And for “golden hour”, nothing beats a sliver of clouds as a component of a dramatic sunset backdrop. So, I’m looking forward to the late summer and early fall storms.