Nuts for Noodles

As we are intending to remain here for a spell, it’s unavoidably going to take some time for us to scour our way through the thicket of tourist trappings of Hoi An. We have no qualms about contributing to the local tourist economy, especially since most stuff typically cost less here than in Thailand and certainly Sweden or the US. But prices can still fluctuate considerably depending on where you spend your Dong.

For example, a run-of-the-mill Vietnamese drip coffee can cost as little as 25k (SEK 10/US$1) and as much as 65k (SEK 28US$2.80), which is still fairly inexpensive, but for a country like Vietnam where the same amount will buy you lunch or dinner, seems inexcusably inflated.

 The footage above is from Bamboo Chicken – a simple lunch place we’ve eaten at a couple of times on our way to or from the mobile phone store where we bought and will eventually refill our local SIM cards.

A sumptuous noodle and veggie lunch like today’s set us back SEK 15 or about US$1.50. Surprisingly, this also covered a choice of beverages from a lengthy drink list of tasty beverages, including home-brewed beer, a Screwdriver, a Mojito and a Mango Smoothie. It was a little early for a Mojito, but the beer tied the meal together just nicely.