Our new home in An My Village in Vietnam

We moved into our new place today at An My Village, just outside of central Hoi An in Vietnam. It’s a brand new, light blue, three story house, adorned with beautiful tile designs and tasteful decorations, good quality furniture and what is arguably the most important fitting of them all, a really comfortable king size bed.

There’s a pool in the backyard and several interconnected rice paddies just beyond the property’s rear fence. Water buffaloes graze nearby and there’s a tiny outdoor restaurant next door to us. The house lies a mere 10 minute walk to a traditional Vietnamese market where we bought a bag full of fruit and veggies this afternoon after our beach excursion.

Speaking of which, it only took us about 15 minutes to ride our bikes (provided by the house owner) to An Bang Beach. We had lunch there at a place called Salt and ate fried rice with seafood and vegetables and kept cool from a breeze that swept up from the sea. So good to have left the hustle and bustle of the city.