Mother’s Day with The Blue Angel

This seems like a fitting post for Mother’s Day. Yesterday, while doing some research for a new book project, I found one of the few films my mother, Swedish actress Solveig “Ina Anders” Andersson acted in. She only has a couple of scenes in the 1959 remake of “The Blue Angel” starring fellow Swede May Britt Wilkens, but she plays them rather well, I think.

May Britt was married to Sammy Davis Jr and according to stories my mother told me as a child, back in the day, both were frequent guests at my parent’s parties when we lived on Alfred Street in West Hollywood

For several reasons, some due to really bad choices, some beyond her control, and some genetically embedded within her, my mother was a horrible parent. But as I get older and understand how complicated life often is, I feel less and less angry about how badly she screwed mine and up my brother Tyko’s life.