10k Run in Malmö

Long Run with Kevin & Casey

I woke up at 5:00 am this morning, which isn’t unusual per se. If I’m heading to the gym, which opens at 06:00 am (Mon-Fri), I typically get out of bed around then. However, it’s Saturday, so the gym doesn’t open its doors until 09:00 am, so I went for a long jog instead. It was my first 10k jog of the year, so I took it slow and easy. No records were broken, but neither did I break any bones. I’m slightly sore in my sixty-year-old hips, though.

I ran to a beautiful Scandinavian sunrise along the beach, all the while listening to what might have been the simultaneously funniest and most interesting episode of Kevin Roose’s and Casey Newton’s excellent show, Hardfork, since I started listening about a year ago.

The podcast version is here and the YouTube variant is here.