Out with the old – in with the new

What a year 2014 turned out to be! Felt like we’ve endured a disproportionate share of drama on many levels. But we’ve also enjoyed plenty of good fortune – particularly with a bunch of inspiring assignments – both at home in Malmö as well as abroad. From a professional traveler’s perspective, I am thankful that all flights have gone well and that I’ve had only minor issues with lost or broken luggage. Airport logistics and tedious security procedures continue to make traveling tiresome – but not a deterrent from experiencing and documenting new places and faces.

Certainly looking forward to seeing how 2015 will play out. We’ll be spending the first few days of the new year in the South Indian sea on a rooftop here in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Wish friends, family and the occasional visitor to this site, a happy, prosperous and healthy new year!

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