grilled frogs

Grilled Vertebrate

As a pescatarian, I’m not exactly certain if it would be okay or not to munch on the above grilled frogs (toads?) I saw in passing at a market here in Hoi An this afternoon. Perhaps it would even be within reason to stuff our bellies with turtle or tortoise meat, just as long as if the gentle creepers didn’t belong to the species’ endangered kind.

Apparently, there’s an ongoing debate about amphibians which, according to Merriam-Webster, is a “cold-blooded vertebrate”, just like fish. 
No plans to begin eating frogs or turtles just yet. But I’m going to give the whole pescetarianism some serious thought. Here in Vietnam, it’s not at all difficult to find healthy, vegetarian food and the fish we’ve had so far hasn’t been particularly noteworthy.