Enigmative: Crossroads

Enigmative: Crossroads & Personality Test

Here’s another piece for the Enigmative series captured in Porto just a few days ago.

Last night, after watching the first episode of a new and wildly popular Swedish television show about what traits our personalities consist of and how they are formed (genetically and/or environmentally), I downloaded an app and did a personality test connected to the series. Of the Five Big (aka OCEAN), I received the following “score”:

Openness: 102
Conscientiousness: 99
Extraversion: 97
Agreeableness: 92
Neuroticism: 59

The test itself reminded me of those that Scientology offers people that walk by their “churches”. I’ve done a couple of those written tests, at least once in Sweden and definitely, one at their celebrity center on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. Both took place sometime in the 1980s – but I don’t remember what the incentive was or, even if there was one other than the invitation from a female Scientologist.
The results from yesterday’s test didn’t exactly surprise me. But it would be interesting to take it again in say, 5 or 10 years to see if and how I’ve changed.