Enigmative Waterfall

Enigmative: Abstract Waterfall

Similarly to how words prompt the imagination of the reader to envision what the writer describes, abstract art either encourages the viewer to make personal associations or just allow what they see to exist without being deciphered.

Just read how the more astrophysicists and cosmologists study the universe’s size, its origin, and expansion/contraction theories, the more there is to study.

A brand new theory proposes that the universe is not expanding infinitely as previously thought but rather oscillating between expansion and contraction at regular intervals.

The oscillation is caused by the interaction between dark energy and dark matter. Even more confusing is the theory that the universe has been around for almost 26.7 billion years, almost twice as long as previously believed.

How’s that for abstract?

For going on 20 years, my writing sessions are always accompanied by abstract, atmospheric instrumental electronica from my go-to station Drone Zone on the Soma FM network.