merry christmas

Christmas Stuff
I call this piece “Christmas Stuff”. I created it a while back and post it here and there about this time of year, if for no other reason than to remind me and my friends that we all need to consider the consequences of our actions as consumers. Not just during Christmas, all year round, too. Yes, including travel. But this post is about all the stuff we buy

If you think about it, whether online or in a store, shopping has long been something we all do to entertain ourselves. I’m not talking about actual necessities for survival. I’m talking about stuff.

We buy stuff because we feel we deserve new stuff. We buy new stuff because we think new stuff might make us happier and feel nicer about ourselves. We buy new stuff because we’re tired of our old stuff.

We buy new stuff because we are bored and because our kids are bored and because we are bored with our kids.

We largely buy food that makes us feel better, that satisfies our urges more than our physical needs. Interestingly, we allow our tastebuds, not our whole body, to decide much of the stuff we eat and drink.

I don’t know about you, but I believe our poor planet is in a bit of a pickle. Earth is coughing up thick phlegm from the dense smoke our crazy addition to new stuff creates. Including “Christmas Stuff”.

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