Resurfaced 2021 Porto

Parting shot: 2021

Here’s an artifact captured from a wall somewhere in Porto, Portugal. I found it right outside a big and busy art gallery where hundreds of paintings were hanging side by side, absurdly close to each other. When I identified the part of the wall that intrigued me, I realized how much more interesting it was compared to anything the gallery was exhibiting.

Well, another tumultuous year is coming to a close. A year, like most, full of ups and downs, ins and outs. I feel both worrisome and optimistic about life. Conflicted as usual.

Creatively speaking, it’s been another remarkable year full of some fairly steep challenges and hard-fought accomplishments. Receiving acknowledgment from a few choice peers as well as the Swedish Art Council for my Resurfaced series was certainly an encouraging highlight of 2021.

The reportage-style book I produced for Sliperiet Gylsboda, the cultural center deep in the mystical woods of southern Sweden during the spring and much of the summer, was both challenging and awe-inspiring.

The commissioned films starring Lennart the Sausage Dog were both fun to produce and financially welcome.

I typically don’t make new year’s resolutions. But I do make anticipations or, at least a few solid predictions.

• I have written several short stories during 2021and I will make a stronger effort to publish them in 2022.
• My book about everyday surfers will be published in 2022. Somehow.
• An exhibit and possibly a book about my Resurfaced project will be completed by the end of 2022.
• I will return to my music experiments sometime this forthcoming spring or summer.
• A studio or ateljé with my name on the front door will be opened sometime in 2022.