Another Decommodified Timelapse

This film was shot from our bedroom window. I think it gives a wonderful peak into Bangkok’s widely diverse architectural scene. I’ve spent about an hour assembling various shorter clips into this longer timelapse. Time well spent, I think, and commercially valueless.

This morning at the gym, my 9th consecutive workout in as many days, as usual, I listened to the BBC’s Global News Podcast. In one of the segments about a writer, the novelist herself talked about how insanely focused western civilization is on commodifying everything. That we always need to feel like we are productive and define as well as measure all our awake time in commercial value. Her thoughts rang true to me in a profound way.

So much of my creative output has zero or, at least negligible commercial value. And for the most part, I feel perfectly fine with that. I’m always appreciative of people that buy my art, and it does give me a boost of confidence when something I’ve created out of joy and enthusiasm is sold and eventually hung in a home or public space. Much more so than when I’m hired as a filmmaker or photographer. For even if I am fortunate enough and thankful to be able to earn a living from my creative output, the level of superficiality in my commercial work is gradually suffocating my creative spirit.

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