Resurfaced: Amalgamation

Three Art Projects

So I’ve been working on three vastly different art projects for several years, giving a lot of love to each, but not all at once. At first glance, the first project about Sieng Gong, the subdistrict in Bangkok’s Talad Noi area, is slanted more toward classic documentation. But when given a proper look, there is so much more than meets the eye within the project’s collection.

The second art project is focused on surfers captured in action at varying beaches, from Asia to America, that I’ve explicitly overexposed, creating silhouettes where the surfer and his/her board become a unique and graphic composite.

Finally, the third art project is unreservedly dedicated to the Resurfaced series of images captured in urban environments around the world. I should have a link to the Art Project Page by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Update: The new start page with my most recent art projects is now up and running. Click here or just click on my signature logo.