My viral photograph of fog around Turning Torso.

Viral Fog Photo of Turning Torso

I am close to clueless when it comes to how social media works. Probably because there’s so little organic logic involved as the algorithms at play are designed to create stickiness and generate engagement. They are the secret sauce that keeps billions of people glued to their screens for hours and hours. Like most folks, I have a dualistic relationship with social media.

My Facebook page, I Love Västra Hamnen has about 16,000 followers and I have absolutely no idea why some images muster 1,000 thumbs up and some only summon 240 likes, or less.

The other day, I noticed how foggy it was and eventually posted an image of the Turning Torso as the fog was about to let up a bit. For some reason, that particular photograph was appreciated by over 11,000 people. Now, I like the image, for sure. But is it really worthy of so many accolades? Go figure.