Vejbystrand Beach Life in March

It’s been “every-other-day” weather here for a while. Which, I totally appreciate as it’s coincidentally kind of how I  describe my life. Seldom two terrific days in a row. Not that the lesser in-between day is necessarily bad or unmentionable. No, no. I make sure that almost everyday generates at least something noteworthy. At least to me.

I feel fortunate to have arrived here just when the long, bad weather spell was broken. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that spring has arrived quite yet. But it is nice and toasty when I go for my walks. Which might have a little bit to do with my layer-upon-layer clothing strategy.

Anyway, the other day when the sun was out (which it is again this afternoon), I went for a long walk along the beach and shot this film with my mobile and a credit-card-sized tripod I have neatly tucked away in the phone’s case. Vejbystrand is beautiful all year round. And surprisingly colorful, too.