Timelapse Fun in Da Nang

Shot this today during a break from working on a new project for a client in Sweden. The beauty with producing time lapses, especially when using your phone as I did for this video, is that you don’t have to oversee anything. Used to be much more cumbersome back in the day. Now it’s just pushing a button and then editing a few clips. We’re talking minutes rather than hours.

Anyway, these snippets were shot from our balcony here in Da Nang early this morning, just after I’d been to the beach to practice Yoga and Qigong – and go for a quick dip in the South China Sea. Strangely, I find the smell of the ocean air here to be eerily similar to that of what I am used to from Southern California. Maybe it’s because the air temperature is about the same. Or it could also be that the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean are actually opposite bookends of the same body of water.