The Vault

Newly opened lifestyle hotel The Vault is, as the name suggests, located in a property that once housed a bank. The hotel sits at the top of Stortorget – just a few hundred meters from Helsingborg’s main train station and ferry terminal. The view from our large corner room was absolutely magnificent and stretched out beyond the square and towards the Öresund Sound.

Room 212 was generously sized with ample space to relax and a proper work desk. Since I mostly write in bed when staying at hotels, I particularly appreciated that there were dual power outlets on both bedside tables flanking the comfy double bed. Finally a hotel that gets this right!

The bathroom was unusually large and had two wide sinks, a large shower and a toilet in an adjoining room, which also came with a sink. This was one of the most thoughtfully designed hotel bathrooms I’ve come across and totally in par with a room at Hoxton in Paris, The Standard in New York (East Village) or The Siam in Bangkok.

To say that The Vault has been liberal with its choice of decor would be to trivialize the enormous creative effort that has been at play here. Even though much of the bank’s interior, including the entrance, towering arches and main hall are intact, you don’t have to look particularly close to see how an abundance of free-flowing artistic imagination has been expressed through the hotel’s furnishings, decor and often wonderfully quirky details. Admittedly, I’m no expert on interior design, so obviously I can’t say whether or not it follows a specific style – of which I’m completely ignorant. But maybe that’s the red thread at The Value – a wide range of tasteful interior design solutions that together form a subtly palpable and irresistible whole that won’t lend itself to be labeled in a traditional way.

There’s a unique intimacy at The Vault, repeatedly demonstrated by the relatively young staffs helpful and positive attitude. Which in its own way makes for an interesting contrast when juxtaposed with the premises’ conservative history.

Although Helsingborg has a relatively decent selection of good eateries, I would definitely recommend the hotel’s cozy restaurant, Volta. In addition to a couple of creamy pasta dishes and delicous wine from my home state California, what we were most delighted about was the kitchen’s “Little Mess”, which consisted of two generous scoops of mascarpone ice cream, chocolate truffles, hazelnut syrup and fried pieces of cocoa. Clearly our new favorite dessert. It’s also in Volta guests can enjoy a tastefully presented breakfast buffet that had everything I love, sans a pot of piping hot baked beans.

With this latest lifestyle hotel, hoteliers Karin and Kjell Jacobsson once again exhibit their tireless passion for creating uniquely memorable experiences. The Vault is certainly a thoughtfully designed hotel with a clear focus on bestowing guests with a place and a space that provides sustenance for all senses. Well done!